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Forget Duke. Let's Celebrate Georgetown

Duke won the national championship, and no matter how much it sucks, it happened.  Let's stop wallowing for a bit and celebrate the creativity of Georgetown students, because we sure as hell can't celebrate anything basketball related until Greg Monroe announces he's coming back for his junior year.  I'll make a conservative estimate and say he announces his intention to come back tomorrow.

Anyway, some pretty cool ideas have come from the class of 2008, which happens to be the graduating class of Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert, Jonathan Wallace, Patrick Ewing Jr., Tyler Crawford, and Jeff Green's Dad.

Georgetown Front Lawn


This website was started by Darren Craft (MSB 2008).  He took it upon himself to photograph the entire Georgetown front lawn, from Lauinger Library to White Gravenor, which apparently is quite challenging I'm told.  He's now selling the photo in two options - a regular frame or in a diploma frame.  For the students that are the class of 2010, it's a better version of the diploma frame that the Georgetown bookstore sells for about the same price.  For alumni who already have a diploma frame, the regular frame is pretty damn awesome, and I am going to assume that both OldHoya and sleepyhoya endorse this option.  And I can guarantee our front lawn is nicer than Ohio's.


After a year and a half doing investment banking in New York, Ben McKean and Dan Leahy (both COL 2008) left to form VillageVines, a company that helps city dwellers get exclusive deals from top New York City restaurants. VillageVines members get around 30% off their bills whenever partner restaurants have unfilled tables, enabling businesses to fill up their empty seats and members to live "the city life" without breaking the bank.

VillageVines opens to the public in early May, and when it does Casual Hoya will be given a special invitation link that provides readers of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON with instant access to VillageVines and $10 off their first reservation through VillageVines.  The website also has pictures of really hot girls, which is cool.

Now, if a panoramic photo of the front lawn and discounted food to New York's best restaurants didn't get you hot and bothered enough, here are some Georgetown videos that make me happy.

After the Jump, come join me on a magical ride through the world of YouTube.

Remember when we made a Final Four?  That was neat.

Well that's about all I could muster in school spirit on this miserable day.  Duke still won the national championship, my life still sucks.