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Is Washington, DC the Worst Sports Town in the Nation?

With yet another epic collapse by the Washington Capitals safely in the books, the failure of yet another DC-based sports franchise only begs the question:

Is DC the worst sports town in the United States?

Vote after the Jump:

Baseball: Nationals - Worst team in the majors whose best player is in the minors.
Football: Redskins - The running backs are Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker. If my fantasy squad had those guys I would have been psyched. In the year 2007.
Hoops: Wizards - National embarrassment of enormous proportion and scope.
Hockey: Caps - Epic fail.
Soccer: DC United - Perennial disappointment at RFK. Bring back John Harkes and Jeff Agoos.
College Hoops: Georgetown Hoyas - Horrific flameout in NCAA Tournament. Male cheerleader graduating.

If your answer in the poll below is NO, please offer your choice of which city is worse.