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The Last Straw for Jim Calhoun and UConn? NCAA Violations Coming to Storrs...

Usually we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON scrape the bottom of the barrel for sources of news coverage, so it came as a surprise this morning when the Wall Street Journal reported on the imminent demise of UConn hoops.  The article centers its focus around UConn head coach Jim Calhoun, and seems to question whether the ongoing lengthy discussions over his contract have something to do with a soon to be released report on UConn's recruiting violations.

Why the long face, Coach?

UConn violations after The Jump:

In another setback for the coach, a person familiar with the matter said a representative from the NCAA, which has been investigating Mr. Calhoun's program for possible recruiting violations, has informed the school that investigators have found violations and will be issuing a report in the near future.

According to the article, Calhoun's current contract gives UConn the right to discipline Calhoun in the event he is found by the university or the NCAA to have committed violations.  Calhoun's current contract, which expires on June 30th, has been renegotiated and seemingly agreed upon months ago, but neither side has yet to sign on the dotted line.  

Could UConn be forced to make a change this summer?  Will some of their prized recruits begin to look elsewhere?  

Stay tuned.