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Angry Georgetown Residents Take to the Internet to Expose Drunken Georgetown Students!

While we normally focus on Georgetown basketball on this blog, the following news item which recently came across my desk (figuratively of course since I live in my mom's basement) is too alarming to ignore.

There have been discussions on The Georgetown Voice Blog about rising tensions in the Georgetown Community regarding the behavior of students.  The Voice highlighted a recent meeting of the Burleith Citizens Association where residents lamented about living in an area filtered with undergraduate students, and issued a call to arms to fight back against the University.  One member ended the meeting with the following passionate cry:

"At risk is not only our quality of life, but the value of one of our biggest investments, our homes. Many real estate agents and buyers see Burleith as a student party town. If just ten more houses turn rental, that turns into 6 0more students, and 60 more cars looking for parking," she said. "Georgetown will hire the best attorneys and experts their money can buy. Your money will hire a zoning expert and urban planner. We have done a lot of work ourselves, but we need the experts to fine-tune our case.

"The last thing I want to tell you is the GU plan is bad for Burleith, and now you can make a difference."

Tensions were high last night as Georgetown presented its 2010 Campus Plan to the neighborhood.  A recap of the meeting can be found here:  GU 2010 Campus Plan: Athletics and Beyond

This is all par for the course, and Georgetown has been dealing with this issue for many years.  In sum, residents of Burleith and Georgetown are upset that Georgetown students drink too much and want them removed.  They don't care that the University has existed since 1789 or that they should attack the problem by confronting the landlords that rent these neglected and unkempt multi-million dollar townhouses to students.  But a new development has surfaced which combines the historical anger, hostility and resentment of local residents with new immaturity, insensitivity and stupidity.

The Shocking Website after The Jump:

Meet DRUNKEN GEORGETOWN STUDENTS.COM.  That's right, Drunken Georgetown  Some residents and home owners of Georgetown and Berleith properties are taking the fight to the internet, where they make some incredible threats to those students that are found drinking in their own homes.

I'll save you the hassle of combing through the run-on, poorly punctuated and worded sentences but here is the gist:

If you are caught drinking, they will take your picture, put it online and you will never get a job, ever.  Seriously. That is what it says.  Read below:

The "so-called database" being developed in cooperation with the NSA will more effectively make sure that the nuisance houses are so designated by the police and the university housing authority. And if you are living in one of those houses that gets mentioned on this site, make sure that you let the security officials who are doing your background check for a job make sure that you lived there. This little website may stand between you and a good job but if your're an alcoholic...that won't really matter. Alcoholic behavior is really big on many employers lists of qualifications.

There really is no database, there's just Google Maybe Eric Schmidt will take your pictures out of the Google database. I've tried with no success so welcome to the web! And welcome to trying to get a job with that little twinge that perhaps the time you kept your neighbors up all night is going to come back to haunt you. If you simply can't go a semester without a drunken binge, you might avail yourself of AA. I am starting a mock advertising campaign referencing Georgetown and binge drinking and if you have any ideas, feel free to submit them. This could be fun!!...and it could be viral! Unfortunately if two students hadn't died on campus this year in alcohol related students (and who knows how many more that are "in official denial", it might be amusing.

I laughed when I read that.  Not because I am a smug, trust-fund baby or whatever incorrect Georgetown stereotype you want to throw out there.  I laughed because the idea is so illogical and ill conceived that it is pathetically humorous.  It reads like the rantings of a madman.

One part is not funny, however, and makes me question the true intentions of the author.  In 2000, a Georgetown student died after a drunken altercation with another student.  The author referenced this incident below:

There's a long history of drunkenness in Georgetown so...if you see bad behavior, make a phone call. You not only help yourself, you help a student perhaps study for an exam or a neighbor write a book. You may even prevent a "tragic death." 

You are mocking the death of a student?  You are implying that the accidental death of a 20 year male might not have been "tragic?"  This brings the whole town-gown relations of the University and its residents into a new light.

While I am positive this garbage website represents a small minority of Georgetown and Berleith residents out there, I certainly question the true intentions of folks who are blocking the University's plans to build for its future. Georgetown University has been and will be a presence in the community far beyond you.