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Mike Brey Out at Notre Dame?

Nothing concrete yet, but it looks as if Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey may be on his way out of South Bend - and not to take a job elsewhere!  According to a report from Notre Dame blog Under the Golden Dome, Brey may be forced to resign from Notre Dame for breaking the University's Code of Conduct!

The following is a rumor from a message board which sums up what the rumor consists of:

"The rumor is that he was sleeping with a local TV reporter. She was supposedly dating Chris Zorich and got into a drunken fight with him out in South Bend and got arrested, and was fired from her job. Now it is strongly rumored that Brey had something going on with her."

If the rumors are true, Brey's departure would result in Notre Dame joining St. John's, Seton Hall, Rutgers, and DePaul as Big East schools with new head coaches next season, with the annual Jay Wright to the 76ers storm set to commence within weeks. 

No word yet, however, on whether Notre Dame will be updating its Code of Conduct to implement a rule forcing its head coach to wear a necktie during games.