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Buy a Piece of History - 2007 Georgetown Final Four Ring for Sale

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No, this isn't shameless promotion to promote my friends' websites, but rather an actual opportunity to buy one of the most treasured items of the Thompson the Third era, a 2007 Georgetown Final Four Championship Ring.  The item is for sale on Ebay and the description states: 

This really nice-looking 2007 Georgetown Hoyas N.C.A.A. "Final-Four" Championship 10K Gold Basketball Ring is quite rare, as it's one of only a select few "Final-Four" Rings, produced for the players & coaches on the team! Made by Herff Jones, this pretty heavy, Solid 10K Yellow Gold ring is in *Nr. Mint* to *Mint Condition*, and has all the proper HERFF JONES markings engraved inside {"HJ" & "10K"}. Plus, the player's name is also engraved inside the shank, and this ring comes in the original Herff Jones Presentation Box.

This is a pretty scarce piece, because most of these "Final-Four" Championship Rings are not solid gold, but Celestrium. Well, this one is! Weighing a hefty 29-grams (Just over 1-Ounce) of solid 10K gold! It's a great size, 11.5 to 12, and would make a nice addition to your Georgetown Hoyas collection for that matter!

Is this a scam?  If not, what player sold his ring?  Are you more likely to get laid whilst rocking this bling?   All these questions can be answered for a mere $1,895.00!

Here is the roster of the Final Four team: 2006-2007 Roster