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Casual Highlights from the 2010 Georgetown Hoops Banquet

Georgetown had its annual basketball banquet last night.  Since the staff is too poor to afford a seat at the gala because we blew our wad on Casual Headbands, we only got snippets of what transpired, but here's what we do know:

Julian Vaughn and Ryan Dougherty won the two coaches awards.

The Hoya Hoop Club gave the players Best Buy gift cards.

There were a lot of tears from both coaches and players.

Greg Monroe made an impromptu speech, thanking the staff and the community.  He said his two years at Georgetown were the two best years of his life and all the players on the team are his brothers.

JT3 said that Greg has promised both him and his mother that he will be getting a degree.

JT3 thanked the Casual Hoya staff for all its hard work.

JT3 said that he is fully confident that this program is headed towards a national championship.

JT3 said Hollis Thompson has the attention span of a two week old labrador.

Greg changed his mind and said he is coming back to school.

Roy Hibbert is back on campus working with Julian Vaughn on his game.

Two of these statements are false, the rest are true, at least from what we could glean from my friend's girlfriend's boyfriend's friend's sloppy email this morning.

We will have plenty more later in the day, including a special perspective from Old Hoya once he awakens from his slumber and gives us some more deets.