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Capital Classic Recap: About What Everyone Expected


The Capital Classic showcased three Georgetown players coming to the Hilltop in the fall: Markel Starks, Nate Lubick and Moses Abraham.  Can't really go into an in-depth analysis of the players and their strengths and weaknesses because the game was unbearable to watch, as probably expected.  It was a guard show, filled with no-look passes turnovers, fade-away threes and wild alley oops.  No one played defense and the final score is reminiscent of a Western Conference NBA game.  The play was understandable though, the game doesn't matter, it was one of the last times these seniors would play together, and no one wants to get injured.  That being said, below are my thoughts.

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Markel Starks - Took home Most Outstanding Player award and the only Hoya to start the game.  He ended up with 18 points on 8-13 shooting and was 2-5 from beyond the arc.  He recorded no assists, mainly because there was no passing in the game.  He is very quick off the dribble and has great court presence, but it is hard to assess how well he will play against college competition, you know, when teams actually play defense. I think he will be a top contributor off the bench next year, and make a very strong case for a starting spot in 2011.  I definitely walked away impressed.  We have incredible depth at the guard positions.

Nate Lubick - Was pleasantly surprised by his size.  He is big, and is not afraid to use his body in the paint.  He ended up with 8 points and 4 rebounds, not outstanding numbers, but he rarely touched the ball and rebounds were long clanks off the rim, since over 30% of his team's shots were threes.  He also had a great pass under the rim that reminded me of Greg Monroe and Jeff Green.  You could definitely see why the Georgetown staff is high on him, he will fit the system well.  I think he will add excellent depth in the paint next year.

Moses Abraham - He entered the game facing off against Lubick, which was entertaining for the Georgetown losers like me in attendance.  He is not as big as I thought, but he definitely can jump.  He gets lost on offense, it seemed he only knew how to pick and roll, and its hard to judge his defense since players were taking behind-the-back, through-the-legs, over-the-shoulder shots.  He ended up with 2 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks.  He is definitely a work in progress, but will provide valuable minutes off the bench.

Others -

Daryl Traynham -  listed at 5'10'' but looks like he is 5'8''.  He was by far the most entertaining player - incredibly quick and had a great crossover.  He is attending UMass next year.

Victor Oladipo - listed at 6'4'' but dunks like he is 6'9''.  Had an incredible dunk to end the half, the most interesting moment of the game.  He is attending Indiana next year.

Josh Hairston - chose Duke over Georgetown.  He is good, not great.  Lot of passes went through his hands in the first half, and was out of position for a lot of rebounds.  He scored 14 points but also took 14 shots, the second-most on the team.

Tyler Thornton - chose Duke over Georgetown as well.  He didn't look like he was trying and was definitely not interested in the game.  Had 4 turnovers to go with his 4 points.


In sum: We will be fine next year.  Lubick can't replace Monroe and Moses isn't a savoir, yet, but we will have a deep bench for the first time since 2007.  Starks and Lubick will definitely see a good amount of action next season, and Moses will benefit from Kenner League play this summer.