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A Casual Challenge to the Georgetown Hoyas

As you all may have noticed, we've been engaged in an epic Twitter battle (matching TwitWits?) with Julian Vaughn and Henry Sims today.  While we hope they know it's all fun and games, we've also noticed that most of the team, well, how do we put this, HATES US.  As much as we ridiculed them throughout the season, they've given it right back to us.  What threw us over the edge was a recent Tweet by Sims:

Simsity30 @G_Monroe10 this man is far from a friend.. I don't even think he exisit foreal

It got us thinking, if he doesn't think we're real, we need to show him that we are, and we need to show him strong.  So we're issuing a challenge.


After the Jump see what the challenge is

We are challenging the Georgetown basketball team to decathlon of sorts.  I say of sorts because it's only 5 events because there are 5 of us, and it's not all physical challenges.  We would like to do this on Saturday July, 10, 2010 in Georgetown.  Winner gets to publicly mock the loser for eternity.  We can set out other rewards for the winner, some suggestions could include if you guys win, we'll give you the keys to the blog for a week.  if we win, we get to act like we're friends and get rewarded with cool points from our friends.  Just some quick thoughts there.

Event 1:

A game of good old fashioned HORSE.  Only rules are that it has to be all shooting, because we're like not athletic and can't dunk.

Event 2:

A spelling bee.  ESPN rules apply.

Event 3:

A push up contest.  Most pushups in one effort wins.

Event 4:

A trivia game centered around Georgetown basketball history.

Event 5:

A hot dog eating contest.

There are only two rules - there has to be a different member of the team and the Casual Hoya staff competing in each event and you are not allowed to punch us until the event ends.

Winner of 3 or more events wins the whole thing.  We will work on logistics and moderators and event coordination if you guys accept.  It's for a good cause, and what do you have to lose?  EXCEPT EVERYTHING.

Tweet @casualhoya if you accept the challenge and if the date works for you.

See you in the ring, that is, if you all are man enough.