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Georgetown Basketball's Resident Superheroes: Julian Vaughn and Henry Sims

We can only sit by and watch greatness develop for so long before we have to honor the creative minds of college kids.

Without further ado, we present:


For those who haven't been following along closely, Regularman (Henry Sims) and Swagman (Julian Vaughn) made their appearances earlier this week and have dominated the internets ever since.

First, Swagman's heroics:

#swagman walks past a burning building..plz help says the citizen..#swagman uses the flame to light his cigar of justice, and keeps walking

lady got mugged and they took her purse w/ car keys inside.. #swagman to the rescue? Nah I hotwired the bmw and left...she dnt need it no mo

#swagman sees a lil girl dropped her books...I kick one 10ft away to give her exercise #swagmanrescue

Regularman follows suit:

 #Regularman walks over a drain and hears a kitten cryin #Regularman Duct tapes the man hole shut the kitten will no longer disturb the peace

I saw an old women drop her purse and asked me to help #Regularman to the rescue? #nochance I looked in her purse, took a 20 out and bounced

I saw a women chasing her dog earlier.. a job for #Regularman? I had to tell the woman that the dog obviously didn't like her so give it up

It's only a matter of time before our heroes have their first run in with...