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No news on Greg Monroe! Instead, it's the Casual Hoya Video Contest!

Well, Greg Monroe hasn't decided whether he's going pro yet but luckily, Google gave us a fun toy to create our own search stories.

The tournament bracket contest was such a rousing success that we'll reopen the bidding and this time, the winner gets to pour 2 beers on LordNick's head or name an award after themselves or something. WHO KNOWS? We'll make it up as we go along.

Casual Challenge after The Jump:

Your challenge: Create a search story that best summarizes the experience. Or, for Jeff Green's Dad, use it as a shameless way to plug your friends' stuff.

In early handicapping, Henry Sims and his Twitter dominance make him the favorite in the player category, SleepyHoya holds a sizeable edge on OldHoya in the old timer category (Casual Note: OldHoya often struggles to turn on the computer and is confused by these internets), and EatThatBox09 is clearly the only female in the contest.

Let the games begin!