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Georgetown v. Cincinnati Postgame: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Since the Casual Extravaganza is currently being kicked into high gear and we're not around to tell you who won or lost, we present you with today's postgame in a Choose Your Own Adventure format! 


What happened?  YOU decide.  via

Question 1: Did Georgetown win?  Did Cincinnati win? 

Title Option #1: Hoyas Maul Bearcats on Senior Day
Title Option #2: Hoyas Mauled by Bearcats on Senior Day

If you chose Option #1 OR Option #2, please continue after The Jump:



The Georgetown Hoyas notched their 20th win of the season and improved to 10-8 in the Big East after defeating the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday in the regular season finale for both teams.  Georgetown clinched a first round bye in the Big East Tourney, something they could have done three games ago, had they just won.  Stephen Stepka played for the Hoyas, and it was awesome. (Continue to Question 2)



If you chose option #2, please read below:
The Cincinnati Bearcats defeated in Georgetown Hoyas today in the regular season finale for both teams.  Led by Deonta Vaughn, Yancy Gates, and lance "Born ready" Stephenson, the Bearcats proved too much for the Hoyas in handing Georgetown its 10th loss of the season and 9th in Conference play.  For Cincinnati, the win keeps its faint hopes alive for a birth in the NCAA Tournament.  For the Hoyas, the loss continues a late season slide that has now seen Georgetown drop 5 of its final 6 games heading into the posteason.  Georgetown will now most likely play on Tuesday afternoon in Madison Square Garden, a timeslot reserved for the bottom 4th of the Conference, the unemployed, and toads.  Everything sucks right now, so stop reading this and come join us at the Irish Channel and then Gin & Tonic.  (Story Ends.) 

Question 2: Did Austin Freeman play? 

If YES, choose option #1 below.  If NO, choose Option 2 below:



Option 1:
The Hoyas were boosted by the triumphant return of forward Austin Freeman, who was greeted with a standing ovation from the Hoya faithful upon his reurn to the court.  Freeman's performance cemented his legacy in Hoya annals as a true champion, and the rest of the team clearly fed off the emotion surrounding his return.  Georgetown is awesome and will win the National Championship.  Stop reading this and come join us at the Irish Channel and then Gin & Tonic.  (Story Ends.)  

Option #2:
Georgetown played its second consecutive game without Austin Freeman, who remains sidelined after being diagnosed with diabetes.  It is unclear if and when Freeman will return to the court, though if he doesn't play in the postseason Georgetown is screwed.  Stop reading this and come join us at the Irish Channel and then Gin & Tonic.  (Story Ends.) 

Question 3: When will be the next CasualHoya blog post?



More details to follow later today OR tomorrow, the timing of which will depend after we recover from the joyous OR horrendous Casual Hoya Extravaganza.