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Back to the Future: Where Would Georgetown Be Without Transfers or Defections?

With one game left to go in the regular season, Georgetown sits at 19-9 overall and 9-8 in the Big East. We all know by now that Georgetown's fate in March rests with the Big Three of Greg Monroe, Austin Freeman, and Chris Wright. Depth, clearly, has been a serious issue. With a few days to go until the Cincinnati Bearcats invade Verizon, let's take a look to see what this Georgetown team would look like if DaJuan Summers didn't leave for the NBA, and both Vernon Macklin and Jeremiah Rivers elected not to leave the Hilltop for finer pastures in Gainesville and Bloomington, respectively. And yes, we know this is FantasyLand. But frankly, we don't care.


Not even the Libyans could have prevented DaJuan Summers from leaving Georgetown

So, had everyone stayed, what would the team look like now?

"Back to the Future" after The Jump:

Summers in the NBA:

DaJuan Summers isn't doing much for the Pistons, having played in 24 games and getting about 8 minutes per while putting up 2.5 points per game. And though we cringed often as he fired threes aimlessly with 30 seconds left on the shot clock, he led the team in scoring with 13.6 points per game and pulled down 4 boards per game last year. Actually, I wouldn't say he pulled down anything - it's more like the ball found him wherever he happened to be standing.

The Transfers at Florida and Indiana:

Vernon Macklin has actually put up some solid numbers this year for the Florida Gators, getting about 10 points and 5 boards per game after sitting out his transfer year (2008 stats as a Hoya: 3.4pts. and 2.1rebs.)

Finally, everyone's favorite, Jeremiah Rivers. Shockingly, the Greatest of All-Time is seeing major burn at Indiana but putting up only 6 points, 5 boards, and 4 assists as its point guard (though his hair is a major selling point). Before his transfer, he put up 2.5, 2.4, and 1 as a backup at Georgetown. Rivers was thought of as a defensive stopper, but even that label has to be questioned.

Shaking Up The Current Lineup:

So here's how things would likely shake out had all stuck around (with the final three being projected bench players):

Current Team Without Transfers
Chris Wright Chris Wright
Jason Clark Austin Freeman
Austin Freeman DaJuan Summers
Julian Vaughn Vernon Macklin
Greg Monroe Greg Monroe
Hollis Thompson Jason Clark
Jerrelle Benimon Julian Vaughn
Henry Sims Hollis Thompson

There's no doubt that there would have been more talent on the team had Summers and Macklin not transferred. The question is really whether there would be enough shots to go around to keep everyone happy. Wright, Freeman, and Monroe would certainly be in double digits but would Macklin have accepted a role similar to what Vaughn is playing this year? How about Summers?

Rivers made the right decision in transferring because his days were numbered as 1) he sucked, and 2) Jason Clark continued to improve. Summers also made the right decision for himself as the team concept wasn't one that he was buying into particularly well and things weren't going to get any better as Monroe continued to assert himself. Macklin's the one who I really question - he was making small strides over his time at Georgetown but was primed to really step in. As well as Vaughn's been playing this year, two years of Macklin and Monroe could have been a really impressive lineup, particularly with Vaughn subbing for each of them as needed. That would have been a monster frontcourt.

Finally, how would those 3 sticking around have impacted development? As I noted above, Clark would have pushed Rivers out of the way eventually but I doubt that he would have cracked the starting 5 - it's difficult to predict how that would have sat with him but I'd guess he would have made the most of his role as a 6th man. For Hollis, this would have been a really good year to develop physically. Sure, he would have lost out on game time but taking a freshman year and getting some spot minutes would have served him well as he developed his body in the weight room. Again, Vaughn is the toughest to project because based on the strides he's made this year. He would likely have competed with Macklin for time - and that could have dragged either of them into a funk, particularly Macklin who with his McDonald's All-American pedigree would have his mind on the League. Lastly, this would have been a rough go on Henry Sims because he would be even further down the depth chart - maybe he would be given a redshirt year but I suspect that a transfer would have been a possibility (if it isn't now).

So would the team be better? Probably not. Losing became a mindset last year and Summers simply wasn't the winner or leader that we hoped for. It seemed that once things got tough, it was all too easy for him to cave - not what they would have needed this year from the lone senior leader. And with Summers and Macklin both thinking about the NBA, I'm thinking there would have been plenty more reckless shots from the 2 of them (potential upside in that Macklin's hook shot was legendary in its horrificness). With the two of them gunning for their own stats, this likely would have led Chris Wright to join the party and start chucking as well. It's not saying much, but losing Summers was the proverbial addition by subtraction (and hopefully our friends at Hoya Prospectus can analyze that statement to see if there's any truth to it).

Rather than getting crazy, we left Nikita off this list though we really admire his Georgetown headshot on the Wake Forest site. And rest assured, we will not be projecting how the team would have done had Nikita or even the woeful Omar Wattad had stuck around.

But rather than make any specific projections ourselves, we'll leave it to you to chime in below.

Would Georgetown have been better this year with Summers, Macklin, and Rivers?