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Casual Lock of the Day: Varmint v. Teddy - Day 7

Over the past week we have been using this feature to document the answer to one of gambling's greatest questions:


The answer has become abundantly clear.

Tale of the Tape and The Picks after The Jump: 

Tale of the Tape: 

Varmint Teddy

Gambler_medium Teddy_2_medium
Head to Head
1-5 5-1
% Correct
16.7% 83.3%
Age 37 Almost 2 years old
Race Ghostly White Maltipoo
Weight 188 pounds 6 pounds
Fun Fact   "I don't know how to drive a stick shift." "I can sit on command."


Varmint's Pick:

My record is 5-11 overall and I am on a WINNING STREAK.   

My pick for Tuesday..... Air Force +8 at Wyoming.  Both of these teams are terrible, and Wyoming has pretty much quit for the season. Air Force is awful as well, but there is no quit in this team!  Look for "Air Farce" to take the air out of the ball and keep it close.

Empty your bank account and lay heavy.  Air Force +8 is a LOCK!!!

Teddy's Pick:

I am 5-1.

Losing stinks.  My daddy made me sleep in my crate and didn't feed me last night after my pick didn't come through, and I now understand that I have to bring it strong with each and every selection.


I may not know a lot about college hoops, but I do know to never bet against Scottie Reynolds, especially after a loss.  Take Nova -3.   I hope I will be able to eat again.