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Casual Hoya Bracket Contest: PRIZES ANNOUNCED

Don't miss out on your chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition and become part of GLOBAL PHENOMENON history! 

Potential prizes in some brackets, but not the Casual Hoya one

(Prizes announced after the Jump)


1st Place Winner:

Your choice of: 

(1) A Casual Award named in your honor in each and every Casual Awards post for next season


(2) Your very own "Bracket Winner's Perspective" added to each and every Game Thread for the upcoming season where you will challenge yours truly to pick Hoyas games against the spread.

110 (AND COUNTING!) 2nd Place Winners:

Dump a beer on lordnick's head!

Last Place Finisher:

Buy the beers mentioned above.


Get in the action now!
CLICK HERE! and Join a Group with the ID and Password below. 

Password is: casual


Make sure you sign up your brackets with your blogger names so we can identify and ridicule you mercilessly.

Group ID# is 106171