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Morning Chatter: What Others Have to Say About Georgetown & the Midwest Bracket

You heard what we had to say about the scam bracket unveiled by the NCAA yesterday, so here is what others have to say.  There is no doubt that Kansas, Ohio State, Georgetown and the rest of the Midwest got screwed while Duke had its first Final Four berth since 2004 handed to them on a diamond encrusted silver platter.  The following is an excerpt of a must-read article by Jason Whitlock:

But let's deal with the reality of why Duke was given a favorable draw. The NCAA is desperate for television ratings. The $6 billion CBS paid over 11 years financed a lot of things the NCAA likes to do - stuff like propping up nonrevenue sports.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if the NCAA mandated that Christian Laettner, Grant Hill and Shane Battier referee all of the Blue Devils' tournament games.

This is the price of television being in total control of the sports world. At contract time, the NCAA Tournament isn't much different from "American Idol."

Below is what the rest of the blogs/media had to say about Georgetown and the Midwest bracket.

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NCAA does no favors for tourney favorite Kansas - Stewart Mandel -
But take a closer look at Kansas' field and you'll find a common denominator. It's not necessarily the teams themselves that should scare Self -- it's their star players. St. Louis is going to be brimming with star power no matter which teams advance there. Likely National Player of the Year Turner, Georgetown center Greg Monroe, Maryland guard Grevis Vasquez, Oklahoma State swingman James Anderson and Georgia Tech big man Derrick Favors -- all potential first-round picks, all playing in the same regional.

Michael Wilbon - This year's NCAA tournament is wide-open -
Northern Iowa, which won 28 games, will be a threat to Kansas in the second round. Maryland, with seniors Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes, would be a serious threat to Kansas . . . if the Terrapins can get past Houston and Michigan State, which would be a serious threat to Kansas. Georgetown would be a serious threat to Kansas, and certainly Ohio State would be, seeing as Evan Turner of the Buckeyes is the most versatile, most highly skilled player in college basketball this season. I can't see Kansas, which I think is the best team in the field, going through all four of those teams in the Midwest Region. This, without question, is the Group of Death.

No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks earn overall top seed for NCAA tournament - ESPN
"It will be a good recruiting mailout this week," coach Bill Self said of the No. 1 overall seed. "After you look at the bracket, you say, 'Well, I don't think we had a lot of favors done for us."

Georgetown is the Big East’s lone representative in the Midwest and takes the region’s No. 3 seed. Despite a 10-8 conference record, the run to the Big East Tournament championship game and one of the highest rated strength of schedules help the Hoyas land in the Big East city of Providence for their start to the Big Dance. Greg Monroe and company will face the MAC champion Ohio Bobcats on Thursday and if they can advance past the 14th seed they will meet either Tennessee or San Diego State in the second round at the ‘Dunk’.

Hoya Prospectus: St Louis bracket: log5 prediction
The bump gained by playing Tennessee is smaller than it seems at first, and the downside of the bracket is being in a region with one of the two strongest teams in the field (Kansas/Duke) without the benefit of a particularly weak #2 seed in KenPom terms like Duke got in Villanova. The cumulative effect is the Hoyas' chances of making the Final 4 are only 80% of what they'd be in the next weakest region.

The Duke conspiracy theory - Beyond the Arc -
Watching the NCAA tournament field unfold Sunday, one thing became clear: The Midwest is stacked. The region’s home to the No. 1 overall seed (Kansas), perhaps the nation’s hottest team (Ohio State), a team that thrashed Duke (Georgetown), the co-ACC champ (Maryland) and the only two schools that have beaten the Jayhawks this season (Tennessee and Oklahoma State). Four of those schools are in Ken Pomeroy’s top 11 teams and Jeff Sagarin’s top 15. Heck, a team with 28 victories (Northern Iowa) is a 9 seed.


While all this attention about the scam brackets is certainly entertaining, the reality of the situation is that the brackets are set and we have to deal with the hand we were dealt.  Now it is time to focus on Georgetown.  And Georgetown's first opponent: Ohio.  Here are some level-headed quotes from Thompson and Monroe.

Georgetown earns No. 3 seed in Midwest Region, will face Ohio in first round of 2010 NCAA basketball tournament -
"I'm ready," said Monroe, named to the Big East's all-tournament team, along with Chris Wright. "I mean, to me, it's a year late, so I've been waiting for this chance. I'm very excited."

Hoyas and Terps ready for Madness -
Georgetown sophomore Greg Monroe says the team played in Providence a month ago. "We're familiar with the gym, that might be the most important," Monroe says

Ohio U. draws No. 3 Georgetown | | Cincinnati.Com
"You can't get to this part of the year and overlook anyone," Thompson said Sunday after his third-seeded Hoyas drew the Mid-American Conference champion Bobcats for a Thursday game in Providence, R.I. "The teams are too well-coached, too poised. They won their league or they're playing well and got an at-large bid – that's what makes (the NCAA tournament) so special."