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Announcing the Inaugural Casual Hoya Bracket Contest!

Want a chance to outsmart THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON and earn eternal glory?  What better way to prove your worth to us than to join the Inaugural Casual Hoya Bracket Contest! 


What's the Casual Prize you ask?   A lifetime supply of free Casual Headbands?  An autographed photo of you with the Casual Hoya bloggers?  A date for your wife and/or girlfriend with the Casual Hoya bloggers?   


The best idea from the comments thread below will be selected and announced prior to the tipoff of the Tournament, but for now be sure to sign up and make your picks. 

Get in the action now!
CLICK HERE! and Join a Group with the ID and Password below. 

Make sure you sign up your brackets with your blogger names so we can identify and ridicule you mercilessly.

Group ID# is 106171

Password is: casual