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The Casual Awards: The Golden Eagles Get a Golden Shower

The Georgetown Hoyas are working overtime during this Revenge Tour 2K10, so it's only right that the team's favorite blog works overtime as well.  Before we focus on winning a record 8th Big East Tournament championship tonight, THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON is coming at you with another set of Casual Awards. 

And we're not apologizing for the title of this post.


Greg Monroe and Georgetown were REALLY good last night.  So was this photographer.

Chris Wright Heart of a Champion Award:
Once again, this one goes to the good old Wrecking Ball.  15 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 turnover in 37 minutes.  Just another ho hum day for Chris.  Wait, what?  The craziest part of Wright's transformation is how quickly I have become so comfortable with him in big spots.  Marquette cut it to 48-47 with 13 minutes left when Wright decided to score 6 of the next 8 points and the Hoyas never looked back.  I feel so safe with Chris, I just want him to hold me.  This is getting weird.

The Weber Grill Stay Hot Award:
Um.  Our Georgetown Hoyas?  Think about this for just a second.  The USF and Marquette games were cakewalks.  Syracuse is one of the best teams on planet earth, and though it wasn't easy, we did win.  Well.  Is this team peaking A THE EXACT RIGHT MOMENT?  And by that, I mean the exact right moment when I am crossing the Delaware River on the way to MSG for the Big East Championship?  I don't want to jinx it.  Nevermind.

The Syracuse School of Business Award:
Delta Airlines.  The Saturday/Sunday morning roundtrip from National to LaGuardia on USAirways?  $180.  The same flight on Delta?  $400.  Is this a joke?  No, seriously, is this a joke?  I understand the USAirways flight is a little cheaper because it tends to land in the Hudson River, but different by a factor of two?  Hello Chevrolet Impala from Hertz.

More Awards after The Jump:

The These People Are From Pleasantville Award:


We love Marquette.  via

Marquette.  The school, the players, the fans, the bloggers.  All of them.  Every single person I encountered has been respectful, nice, and appreciative.  They make it so much harder to cheer against than their counterparts at UConn, Villanova, West Virginia, and of course, Syracuse.  Just a ton of Midwestern charm with these folks.

The Roy Hibbert Award For Taking an Open Look When You've Got One:
Greg Monroe. Here is a stat line for you: Greg Monroe from three was 1-1.  Yeah, I yelled at him too.  But it went in. Well, if you're going to take that shot, you might as well make it.

The "If you're not going to be able to watch the 2nd half you might as well be here" Award:
Cafe Minh in New Orleans, La.  Did your parents schedule an unfortunate weekend to come down and visit you?  Cafe Minh makes your longing for updates easy with its delectable summer rolls and spicy beef udon soup.

The Who Wants To Sex Dikembe Award:
Julian Vaughn.  ESPN says he only had two blocks.  That is bullshit.  THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON says he had 50.  No, 100.  Doesn't matter.  Somebody asserted themselves inside today.  No, we're not being coy.  It was Julian.  He is back on the awesome list.  And he's at the top of it because our wives think he is very good looking.

The "Enjoy It While You Can" Award:
The kid who wears #10.  The good news is Monroe was aggressive on the boards, assertive in the paint, and showed everyone that he is arguably the best passing big man to come along in awhile.  The bad news?  See above.

Your Spring Break is Awesome Award:


Screw Cancun, New York is the place to be this weekend.

The James Naismith Must Be Rolling Over In His Grave Award:

The Notre Dame - West Virginia "battle".  The game was so poorly played and hard to watch that it killed any inkling of going out for me.  Great for my liver, bad for my eyes.  I would rather have bleach thrown in my eyes than ever have to watch that trainwreck of a game again.  It's the Big East gentlemen, not the Big 10.

West Virginians Are The Dumbest People On Earth Award:
To the morons sitting behind me at Madison Square Garden.  For 5 straight hours I had to hear these cavemen talk about the girls they wanted to slam, the fights they were going to get in, and the books they never read.  I'm pretty sure the average IQ in the entire building dropped by 10 points because of this collection of missing links.

West Virginians Are The Smartest People On Earth Award:

To the West Virginia fan who duped me into buying 2 400 section tickets for $120 a piece for tonight's game.  He recognized I was a noob and took full advantage of it.  The direct quote was "Well it's $110 face value, so I'll charge you $120."  Little did I know that every ticket in the building has the same face value.  You got me this time, you crafty West Virginian.

The Windex Award:
The Hoyas outrebounded Marquette 41-18.  Absurd.

Lady Gaga Award for Constantly Reinventing Oneself:
Austin Freeman
.  When the team needs a scorer, he drops huge second halves on UConn and Louisville.  When the team needs clutch free throws to finish Syracuse, Austin nails them.  When the team needs a stat stuffer, guess who does that?  Austin.  In the Big East Tournament, he's taken a backseat to Chris and Greg, but has impacted games by increasing his rebounds, assists and MONSTER tip-ins.


I think we just compared Austin Freeman to Lady Gaga.  via

The Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn Award:
The Georgetown Hoyas.  Guards getting rebounds! Centers leading the team in assists! Centers running the fast break! Big guys hitting threes! Little guys getting tip-ins!  The Hoyas are confusing the crap out of their opponents because they are all, as JT3 would say, "basketball players."

John Thompson III Coaching Award:

Once again, JT3 outcoached another Big East foe on REVENGE TOUR 2010.  The scorecard now reads: Thompson (3-0), Boeheim (0-1), Heath (0-1), Buzz Lightyear (0-1).  Next up is Bob Huggins and whatever midget he ate to amass the considerable gut he is currently rocking.

The I Want To Be A Part Of The Cool Kid Crowd Award:

Greg and Austin seem to be obsessed with this Savage Life thing, and I hope it continues through the NCAA Tournament.  I also hope to get some clarity on it, along with the White Flag movement that is championed by Julian, Jason, Henry and Chris.  It's unclear where the freshmen fit between the Savages and the White Flag crew, but I want to be a part of both.  Guys, am I cool enough to be part of your clique?

The Elephant In The Room Award:
Georgetown's foul shooting.  Once again, it was below 70%, as the Hoyas went 14-21 from the stripe.  Clearly, it didn't hurt last night, but there will be a tight game soon, and free throw shooting becomes slightly important then.  Just ask the 2007-2008 Memphis Tigers.  Oh wait, they don't exist because John Calipari is a CHEATING SCUMBAG and Derrick Rose is illiterate and couldn't get 800 on the SATs by himself.

Mainstream Media Is Stupid Award:
Georgetown was so maddeningly inconsistent this year that it became consistent.  That made sense in my head.  Essentially, it became evident in February that Georgetown would win big games and lose games they deemed unworthy of their time, mostly due to lazy defense.  Here's what the media hasn't picked up on yet, there is no more inconsistency.  Georgetown comes to play in big games, and it's as simple as that.  You should know what to do with them from now on.  You should pick them to win.  Everything.  Understood?

Budweiser Stamp of Approval for Good Advertising Award
The Georgetown Hoyas.  With prized recruit Nate Lubick in the crowd, the Hoyas came out and put on a clinic.  If there was ever a time to advertise Georgetown basketball to recruits, it has been the last 3 days.  We've put up 69, 94, and 80 points, dispelling any notion that this offense isn't one suited for athletes.  This offense is suited for good, smart basketball players.  If you are one of those, then you should come to Georgetown.  Great choice, Nate.

The Georgetown Hoyas are a nationally ranked powerhouse.

And one win away from an 8th Big East Tournament Championship. 

West Virginia is NeXt.