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The Glorious Morning After: Post-Game Articles, Quotes and Music

There is nothing I can say that will be better or more insightful and groovy than the rest of this post.  So I will shut up.  Here's what they all had to say after yesterday's game.  In about three hours I will forget about the Cuse win and focus on Marquette.  But I am sure gonna enjoy these three hours.

Orange lack a go-to guy - Beyond the Arc -
Today proved nothing about Georgetown. Let me say that again, it proved nothing. I know what you're thinking: "How is that possible? The Hoyas just ran away from the best team in the Big East!" Well, we already knew that Georgetown could beat anyone in the country. We already knew that when their offense is clicking like it was today, they can score like they did today. You can ask Villanova and Duke, who both took a solid whooping from the Hoyas earlier this season.

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Reaction from Katrina and the Waves


Georgetown Hoyas vs. Syracuse Orange - Recap - March 11, 2010 - ESPN
Playing before a lively crowd, Georgetown rebounded from two losses to Syracuse earlier this season and took a 7-6 edge in Big East tournament games between the longtime rivals, the most common matchup in the 31-year history of the event. Five times they've played for the title, with the Hoyas winning the first four before Syracuse broke through in 1992.

Georgetown upends top-seeded Syracuse in Big East tournament -
Georgetown's 91 points were the most scored by the Hoyas in the Big East tournament since 1996, and credit was due all around, with four players finishing in double figures and all having a hand in the team's most dogged defensive performance this season.

Georgetown 91, Syracuse 84 - Syracuse Has a Scare in Loss to Hoyas -
Georgetown will enter the N.C.A.A. tournament next week as a tease. The Hoyas have enough talent to make a run at the Final Four; Monroe, Wright and Freeman are as talented as any in college basketball. The Hoyas’ problem is that they have been as predictable as lottery numbers, as reliable as the airline industry.

Q. Chris, to beat the No. 1 seed, No. 2 team in the country, a team that's beaten you twice this year, what does it do for this team's confidence heading into next week and this week?
Chris Wright: Next week seems like a long way away. We have to worry about whoever we play tomorrow, whatever draw we get. It's definitely a confidence boost. I don't think this team lacks confidence. I just think we're ready to play. And fatigue is not going to be an issue. We're just going to be ready to play whoever we play tomorrow.

Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician - For Syracuse Orange Fans
Georgetown shot 69% in the second today.  You want to find "the secret to beating Syracuse?"  Shoot 69% in the 2nd half.  That'll do it.

Hoya Prospectus: Recap: Georgetown 91, Syracuse 84
Because of the vaunted 2-3 zone, Syracuse normally forces teams to shoot a lot of outside shots:  opponents attempt 3FGs as 41% of all shots from the floor, which is the 10th highest rate against in Div-I.  Today, Georgetown resisted that temptation, as they shot 18 3FGAs on a total of 58 shot attempts [= 31%], just about at their season average [30%].

Instead, the Hoyas pounded it inside.  A lot.  If you've been paying attention around here, you may have noticed a post earlier this week breaking out each player's shot selection over the past three months of the season.  As a team, the Hoyas take 67% of their 2-pt shots as either dunks, layups or tip-ins - a fantastic percentage.  In today's game, Georgetown was even better, taking 82% of the shots from in close.

Georgetown Hoyas Beat Syracuse in Big East... | Gather
Hoyas Chris Wright was today’s superstar, scoring 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists. Center Greg Monroe should also be recognized for playing great defense in the second half, helping to secure their victory.

 The 65 - Poll: Is Syracuse still a No. 1 seed? Will Georgetown be a No. 3 seed?
As for the Hoyas, they have clearly answered any questions about their potential after the stumbles against South Florida and Rutgers. The Hoyas have six top 25 RPI wins and the No. 1 strength of schedule in the country. That’s at least a No. 3 seed to me, and moving up if they can keep surging in the Big East tournament. My No. 3 seeds tomorrow morning probably will be New Mexico, Kansas State, Pittsburgh and Georgetown – a solid foursome. If Georgetown is a solid No. 3 seed, decent chance it could wind up in Buffalo or Providence. If it is the last No. 3 seed, it could be headed to New Orleans or Jacksonville.

Bubble movement, blown chances and a busted knee | College Hoops Journal
Georgetown 91, Syracuse 84. Georgetown is so hot and cold it’s amazing. Monroe was effective and Chris Wright did whatever he wanted. Rest assured, whatever you pick Georgetown to do in your bracket, you will be wrong.

Georgetown topples top-seeded Syracuse -
"Georgetown attacks zones very well," Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said. "Teams in our league at this stage of the year know how to attack us. We’re looking forward to get out and play somebody that hasn’t seen us."

Third Time's the Charm for Hoyas Against Syracuse Zone | The Hoya
After Monroe struggled at the Dome with eight points and six turnovers and dominated down the stretch at Verizon Center with 20 points, Boeheim wanted to focus on the first team Big East selection. "He’s the best inside passer in college basketball easily," he said. "And he can score in there. I thought overall we didn’t do a bad job with him." With the zone collapsing on him, Monroe had little room to work. Rather than get frustrated, he just shared the wealth, finding teammates in the corner, along the baseline or around the perimeter en route to seven of the teams’ 22 assists.

Georgetown 91, Syracuse 84 - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
In an incredibly high-energy quarterfinal game, the Hoyas played smart, focused and forceful, pushing the tempo on Syracuse and upsetting the Orange's rhythm in a stunning early dismissal of one of the best teams in the country. 

Arinze Onuaku hurt as top-seeded Syracuse falls to Georgetown 91-84 in Big East tournament
Georgetown pulled the upset, 91-84, and redeemed itself for two regular season losses before a raucous sellout crowd of 19,375.

"I thought Georgetown really played well tonight," Syracuse coach Jom Boeheim said following the game. "The first game we controlled the game. The second game we controlled about 30 minutes. And then they started to get the ball into (Greg) Monroe and they did that tonight from the beginning we had difficultly with it. We just couldn’t get enough stops." 

 Loss to Georgetown quiets Syracuse University campus |
"Now it begins," said a dejected Steve Mosher, 44, of Syracuse, a university student who also works as a food handler in the dining area. "I'd rather lose by a few points than be walked on."