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A Wager with Hoya Suxa: Part Deux

After Georgetown lost to Syracuse at the Verizon Center last month, I was forced to do the unthinkable.  After my heart was broken, pieced back together during an unfathomable second half run, and then cruelly stomped on during the closing minutes of a game against a team that bears the name of a citrus fruit, I did something so traitorous that John Carroll rolled over in his grave while shedding a tear.  I penned a poem lauding Gerry McNamara, the most famous Orange oompa loompa.  The composition was forced by HoyaSuxa, a merciless and doomed soul who insisted I publicly pay my debts in full.

Now, as the third installment of the Georgetown - Syracuse saga is set take place at noon, it is time for vengeance.   And as any wounded but proud warrior would do, I emailed the dude and said let's do it again, bro.


(Details of the wager after the Jump)

The bet is as follows:

If Georgetown wins, HoyaSuxa will create, direct and star in a video illustrating his pain and emotion following a Syracuse loss to Georgetown.

If Syracuse wins, I will hand over the keys to this blog's most prized possession: the post-game awards.  He will gain full editorial rights for all post-game awards of the Georgetown - Syracuse game, and this blog will most likely implode.

Good talk.