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Y'all Came to See Georgetown Play: Georgetown Thrashes USF 69-49

Exacting revenge on Dominique Jones and his cronies, the Georgetown Hoyas beat South Florida 69-49 in the 2nd round of the Big East Tournament.  The Hoyas got absolutely no help from the referees, who apparently were very interested in South Florida's tournament aspirations.  Julian Vaughn played about 10 minutes and fouled out, Greg Monroe was saddled with 4 fouls, 3 of which were complete nonsense.  Hollis Thompson and Chris Wright joined the party with 4 fouls as well.

Yet, all that said, and Georgetown won.  And they won pretty easily.  Chris Wright had 15 points, 5 assists, 6 rebounds, and 0  turnovers, in his best performance of the year.  We've been hard on Wright, but when someone needed to step up, it was Wright.  Monroe, even with his foul trouble, scored 16 points, and put the game out of hand in the last 4 minutes with back-to-back three point plays.  Jason Clark added 16 points, including some monster 3 pointers.  Austin Freeman played smartly, with 8 points and 4 assists, yet had his worst shooting performance of the year, going 3-12 from the field. 

Any time you can beat the 9th best team in the conference by 20 points, getting about 25 combined minutes from your big men and a 3-12 shooting day from your best player, you are impressed.  Georgetown's defense, except for the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half, was phenomenal.  More than anything, our defense will be the key to sustained runs in the Big East Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.  Keep it up fellas.

Good news is Monroe and Vaughn will be plenty rested as the Hoyas square off with Syracuse for the THIRD time this season.  I'd write more but my hands are shaking and my vision is blurry.  Man, isn't tournament time the best?

Plenty more to follow today and tomorrow.  Enjoy the NIT Dominique, I'm sure people from far and wide will want to come watch you play.  Syracuse, we're coming for you.

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