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Casual Lock of the Day: Varmint v. Teddy - Day 6

Over the past week we have been using this feature to document the answer to one of gambling's greatest questions:


The answer has become abundantly clear.

Tale of the Tape and The Picks after The Jump:

Tale of the Tape: 

Varmint Teddy

Gambler_medium Teddy_2_medium
Head to Head
0-5 5-0
Age 37 Almost 2 years old
Race Ghostly White Maltipoo
Weight 205 pounds 6 pounds
Fun Fact   " I had a 2.13 GPA in high school but got a 3.97 GPA in my Masters Degree program." "When I'm thirsty my tongue hangs out of my mouth."


Varmint's Pick:

My record is a blazing 4-11! 

I spent the weekend trolling the Vegas strip asking washed-up gamblers for pocket change just so I can put action on tonight's game.  I figure since I have been to the bottom there's nowehere to go but up!  We're starting this week fresh with a GUARANTEED WIN...

UTAH STATE -13.5 vs Fresno State  Fresno State is the shits and is a poor program with a lame duck coach. Utah State is playing great basketball right now....this is a tough place to of the toughest in the nation....look for the Fresno State players to be fixated on all the mormon women and get lost in transition D!

Empty your bank account and lay heavy.  Utah State -13.5 is a LOCK!!!

Teddy's Pick:

I am 5-0 and moving to Vegas.  If I just had access to my daddy's sportsbook account I'd be eating prime rib instead of this crap organic hard food he pushes in front of me in a bowl everyday.  The fact that this Varmint clown hasn't picked a game correctly in a week is embarrassing to all of the readers of this blog.  A few more wins and I'm starting my own. 


Austin Freeman is infected like Claire and Sayid on LOST.  How are the Hoyas going to score any points tonight?  Take the UNDER 141.