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The Casual Awards: Georgetown Nails Nova in the Crotch with a Snowball

Last weekend we called the Duke game the biggest win of the season, now it is time to apply that label to the destruction of Nova that occurred on Saturday.  In honor of the feast, we present to you the Casual Awards, snow day style.

Double Stuffed Oreos Award
To all the fans of the GLOBAL PHENOMENON who, during the worst snowstorm in the history of the universe, risked life and limb to come to The Irish Channel before the game for non-existent drink specials, and CASUALHOYA HEADBANDS and Double Stuffed Oreos.  It is a scientific fact, that cannot be disproven using even the world's most powerful computers, that Georgetown is SIMPLY UNSTOPPABLE whenever there is a CasualHoya pre-game party.  Expect the next party before the Cincinnati game.  Final score prediction: Hoyas 543, Bearcats 1.    

Jack Donaghy Cookie Jar Club Award:
All 30 people who made it to the first ever CasualHoya meetup. Let's just say that if any of us aspire to the corner office, we'll want to destroy all photos of the event.

Beat a Dead Horse Award:
Student section. It's been written many times over but there's no way to understate the importance of the student section on the game.  Beginning with just showing up at the arena to cheering through the entire game, thry brought the pain. Dudes in kilts, tremendous signs, and students wearing CASUALHOYA HEADBANDS - really doesn't get any better.

Worst Snow Storm in the History of the World Award:
The Snowpocalypse.  Government closed, work cancelled, nothing is open - DC feels like a shanty snow village.  I have no idea how they expect cars to be able to drive anytime soon, the streets are packed with snow, which turns to ice every night.  And we are expecting more snow, tomorrow and Wednesday.  On the lighter side, the official count of Priuses I have seen stuck in the snow is 7.  Good times.    

The Katy Perry Award for Most Entertaining Game-Thread Post:
Katy Perry gets an award named after her for the second straight game, mainly because of her impressive assets.  Hoya Goon wins his first award for pointing out the horrible and inconsistent officiating in this game.


The reffing in this game is so wildly inconsistent I think I just picked up my 2nd personal

I ate the blue ones ... they taste like burning.

by HoyaGoon on Feb 6, 2010 2:11 PM EST up reply actions   0 recs

(Casual Hint: Ripping on the stripes is always encouraged).


Boyz II Men Award for Being So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday:
Scottie Reynolds. I suppose we can always hope for another matchup with Nova in either the Big East or NCAA Tournament but this marks the end of what seems to have been a 12 year career (rivaling only Gtown's own, Joey Brown, who started for 8 consecutive years in the early 90s).

Charles Oakley Award for Best Big Man Enforcer:
Julian Vaughn. We've all been amazed by Vaughn's play through the year but shouting a few down on the hapless Mustaphou Yarou (might want to check spelling) and hitting all free throws? That's a hell of a performance and I'm sure we're all looking forward to Vaughn's chain of carwashes when his playing career is over. 

Reggie Miller Award:
Jason Clark. Clark put together a phenomenal game, particularly with his shooting and really should have been heckling the Nova fans along the lines of Dominque Jones ripping the Hoya fans. No hesitation on pulling the trigger and his tremendous shooting stroke and confidence were critical on a day where Chris Wright had an off game. This was the first time where the team really rallied whien one of the big 3 were out of it and should serve them well moving forward.

Super Bowl Award:
The game was great but the underlying fact remains that the more casual team won the game, thus allowing the more casual fans to cheer the victors. For those who weren't at the Channel postgame, this was clearly preordained as some pathetic Nova fan one-manned the dance floor while 2 ladies wearing CASUALHOYA HEADBANDS danced joyfully. 

John Bluto Blutarsky Award for Outstanding Drinking Performance:
Some girl at the Channel. Lest there be any confusion, the Channel was the place to be postgame and all due to the GLOBAL PHENOM. Just witness this casual lady wearing a CASUALHOYA HEADBAND defeating some pathetic dude in a chugging contest.

Nostradamus Award:
CasualHoya. These facts are beyond dispute: CasualHoya demoralized Nikita, Nikita transferred; CasualHoya distributed CASUALHOYA HEADBANDS, Hoyas dominate Nova. It's become crystal clear that CasualHoya makes things happen with the Gtown basketball program.

Craig Esherick Award:
Jay Wright. It has been noted that we have a lot of respect for Jay Wright's looks and coaching abilities here at Casual Hoya, but his insistence on pressing Georgetown really hurt his team in the first half. Georgetown is adept at breaking the press this year because they have three capable guards. All it did was set up open threes for Jason Clark and Austin Freeman.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone Award:
Not only did Georgetown destroy Villanova, they also might have ended a Nova blogger as well.  You might remember that the gentlemen over at I Bleed Blue and White asked us a question in his Sleeping With the Enemy segment where he pondered which next big celeb would attend a Georgetown game and then stated "If it's Nancy Pelosi, I kill myself right now." Well lo and behold, guess who decided to show up for the game, in the middle of the worst snow storm in decades.  We'll post his death certificate on the global phenomenon when received.     

Skip Bayless Award for Bipartisan Hate:
I don't know a single person who likes Skip Bayless. Black, white, Catholic, Jewish, republican, democrat, it doesn't matter, everyone hates him. Same goes for ESPN's Doris Burke. Both Georgetown and Nova fans were hating on her postgame for thinking she was a cheerleader for the other team.

Tim Donaghy Award for Strange Reffing:
The referees. That was one of the stranger called games I've ever seen. Ticky tack fouls from 40 feet were called, yet Julian Vaughn was nearly assaulted by 3 Villanova players and nothing. Also, there were like 600 fouls called in the 2.5 hour game.  Actual conversation from the game:

Ref: I am giving this game my full effort and will call everything that goes wrong.
Wright: That was off the ball.
Ref: All fouls will be called.
Wright: That is bullshit

Man vs. Wild Award for Superior Game Day Effort:
Two gents that walked from Crystal City to Verizon in a blizzard to not only received their free headbands at the Channel, but also attend the game.

Spencer Pratt Douchebag Award:
Villanova's fans.  My two favorite post game comments from trolling their message board was that the game was the most one sided officiated game in basketball history and that John Thompson Jr. and John Thompson III are the college basketball equivalent of Buddy and Rex Ryan.  Rex Ryan and JT3 are about as opposite on the spectrum in personality as one can get.  Keep working on your applications, they are due March 1. 

Roy Hibbert Award for Dumb Fouling:
Greg Monroe and Chris Wright.  The two of you are two of our three best players.  You cannot pick up fouls 40 feet away from the basket, no matter if they were ticky tack or not.  It can't happen, especially in the NCAA Tournament.  You are now aware of it because we know you read the PHENOMENON.  Don't do it anymore.    

The Paul Pelosi ('62) Fan of the Game Award:
Nancy Pelosi. Casually relaxing in The President's Box (we know what that's like) and chatting up Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue ('62).

The Beyonce Lemme Upgrade Ya Award for Seeing a Seating Opportunity:
The eight or so students who, in the second half, snuck down to empty courtside seats across from the Villanova bench.  Of course, they may have been given the seats by Alleva who was trying to put on a nice face for the national television audience, but I like my way better.  And either way: the award is yours.

The West Virginia Mountaineers Home Crowd Award for Poor Decisions by the Student Section:
The "overrated" chant.  Villanova is very good.  And Jay Wright is extraordinarily handsome and well dressed.  There is nothing overrated about them.  And while beating a team like that, calling them overrated calls into question our own ability. (If we're beating an opponent by 20 and you say they suck, that means we also somewhat suck; think that logic through.)  Now that we are a solid, nationally-ranked powerhouse can we please add the overrated chants to the list of things our fans no longer do?  At the top of the list, by the way, is court-storming (unless we ever beat ODU at McDonough).

The Jail in the Lincoln Financial Center Award for Opposing Team Fans Being About What You'd Expect:
Fans from Philadelphia.  Wow.  I can't really blame them for capitalizing on the lack of ushers to sneak down into good seats.  And they were generally well-behaved when asked to leave by the seat's actual owners. But as the game dragged on, we started seeing flashes of the boorish Philly fans we know so well.  A handful of near-fights in the concourse after the game, a report of the looting of a closed concession stand in the 400-level and, of course, the heroic efforts of RepublicansWearNikes during the second half when low-rent heckling got a bit too much.  Fortunately takethepoints was there to diffuse the situation.  We can laugh about it now, but these yahoos are approaching WVU-levels of horrificness.

Georgetown is still a nationally ranked powerhouse, that is 7-2 vs. ranked teams this season.

Providence is neXt.