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Blizzard Game: Georgetown Bombards Villanova 103-90

It was snowing a lot today.  Georgetown won.
It was snowing a lot today. Georgetown won.

Well, well, well.  Just when I thought the Georgetown Hoyas couldn't get any dumber, they go do something like that and TOTALLY REDEEM themselves. 

After losing to USF at home, the Hoyas came out and whupped the #2 team in the country, beating Villanova 103-90 during a blizzard in Washington, DC.  The win completes a whirlwind week where Georgetown beat Duke last Saturday in front of President Obama, then pooped the bed Wednesday at home against South Florida, and then thoroughly dominated Villanova, handing them their first loss in Big East conference play.

Jason Clark played his best game in a Georgetown uniform, scoring 24 points, including 6-7 from three point range.  Austin Freeman continued his incredible junior year, leading the Hoyas with 25 points on a ridiculously efficient 8-12 from the field.  Greg Monroe played phenomenally, with 19 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks.  Julian Vaughn chipped in with 13 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, hitting 7 of 7 from the free throw line.  Hollis Thompson, came off the bench (!) and had 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.  The biggest news of the day is Chris Wright only scored 7 points, fouling out with 5 minutes left in the game, and the Hoyas still won.

Now for the Georgetown fans and the Verizon Center.  We came down pretty hard on the students on Wednesday for their lackluster showing against South Florida.  Today was the exact opposite.  Washington, DC had 20+ inches of snow, and if you've ever lived in the city, you know it's like a third world country when it snows.  For the entire student section to be filled makes me so proud to be a Georgetown alum.  There have been tales of kids walking 3 miles from campus to the Verizon center, others of people braving the unplowed roads and driving.  Whatever the case, all of you that made the insane trip down to the game today, awesome job.  The stadium was so loud, and the players fed off it.  You could see how appreciative the team was of the students showing up, with Henry Sims and Jason Clark jumping in the crowd before the game.

All in all, a phenomenal win for Georgetown over one of their biggest rivals.  Also, to the Villanova players, you are a bunch of whiny thugs.  Maalik Wayns was talking crap to Greg Monroe with 10 seconds left.  Hey buddy, you look like a fetus and your team just got your asses kicked, shut up and get on the bus.  Villanova's defense is pourous, their big men suck, and they are getting into the meat of their schedule.  Let's see where they are in the standings after this next month.

Georgetown goes to Providence on Tuesday and Rutgers on Saturday.  Hopefully they know that they have to be focused every game after the USF debacle.  With two wins the Hoyas will be 19-5 overall and 9-4 in conference when they get another shot at Syracuse at home.  For now, enjoy one of the best games for both the team and their fans in JT3's time as coach.