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Sleeping With The Enemy: Villanova, Round 2

The Georgetown - Villanova rivalry rolls on, and with barbs flying between the two schools this week on the GLOBAL PHENOMENON,  perhaps it's suitable that the apocalypse is apparently headed to the DC area just in time for Saturday's game.  Special thanks to our guys over at I Bleed Blue and White, the most scintillating Nova blog on the internet, for once again agreeing to do battle with us.  We also engaged the Villanova Viewpoint in an additional Q&A, so be sure to check 'em both out to see our responses to some of their questions.  With our Corona sponsorship now out the window after the debacle against USF, we're switching gears to something we hope goes down a bit easier.  Nova buddies, this Coors light is for you. And twins!


1985 was a damn good year.

CH:  During the game at the Wachovia Center, Nova praised its Women's Cross Country Team numerous times, through an incredibly long video montage as well as a halftime ceremony. Do you actually give a sh-t about Women's Cross Country?

It's funny. I love women. But I'd rather watch paint dry than actually sit through a women's sporting event. Even the UConn women's team, as dominant as they are, is a painful, painful experience. I've got a younger sister who is a field hockey player. I'm sure you can imagine the thoughts that go through my head while I watch that travesty of a sport.

So yeah, cross-country? I guess I'll take the title, but I'm not sure it's something I'm bragging about to rivals. Or I'd at least would have to have had 3 drinks of Ireland's finest.

The Wachovia Center serves beer throughout the game, unlike the Verizon Center which shuts off service 5 minutes into the second half. They are both Aramark serviced buildings, why do they serve beer longer? I propose they do so because more beer is required to make Nova girls look attractive. Please comment.

Whatever gets the job done I say. Just for the record, we at Villanova refer to going out at Georgetown as "Goin Hoggin." I'm sure they've got great personalities. Stay the course, friend.

Transfer applications to Georgetown are due March 1, do you need us to look over your essays or anything?

Just need a few ideas from a Hoya on what needs to be done to get in. I was thinking about writing about how to properly take advantage of a mistress in The Oval Office. I mean, that has to work for me just like it worked for Willy Clinton. Right?

More with Nova after 'The Jump':

An usher at Wachovia said that he likes Georgetown because (1) they gave Philly Iverson and (2) they make him realize how spoiled, classless and douchey Nova kids really are. I completely agree with his statement and therefore have no need for you to verify it, I was just wondering if you think "douchey" is a good adjective in general.

It's a phenomenal adjective, and its use is acceptable in any situation. This girl is douchey. My job is douchey. Georgetown's mascot keeper uses a douche on it. (Just a rumor I heard). But in all honesty, if you look up 'douchey' in the dictionary you will find a picture of Craig Esherick. Or maybe just his mustache. Not entirely sure as I don't have the latest edition.

With February now upon us and March right around the corner, what do expect out of Jay Wright's Spring fashion line?


Blue Steel.   via

While the Hugo Boss is great, I'm afraid Jay is getting content with himself. What makes the great ones so special is their ability to set the trends and stay ahead of the curve. So maybe we're looking at Gucci? Prada? I really don't know. Maybe he just comes out in the birthday suit one day. Women all across America can only pray for the day.

If Pitt leaves the Big East to join the Big Ten as rumored, who would you like to see replace Pitt in the Big East? Do you have a vision for the Conference a few years from now? Is this vision at all clouded by the hot tub scene in the Jersey Shore finale?


Who wouldn't want to taste a Snickers?  via

Really tough to say what happens with the conference. I think from a basketball standpoint, Memphis makes the most sense and is the most realistic, and they do have the football that is in line with the level of competition with the rest of the conference (at least from a fan's standpoint -- I realize they suck). Boston College would be nice to have back because it makes more sense geographically, but that is probably a pipe dream at this point. Irregardless, I don't think Pitt will leave.

Oh yeah, and I haven't seen the finale. But if it involves Snooki in a bikini I'll just save myself from the horror and go throw up right now instead. (Casual Note: It does.  Feel free to barf.)

It is firmly established that Duke is the worst place ever and this fact is verified by Taylor King transferring out of the rathole. What stories has he shared with you, loyal Nova blogger, on the level of corruption at that cheating institution?

I'm not going to reveal anything specific cause I haven't talked to him in a while and I don't think that's okay, but let's just say he was not fond of that craphole/program. Extremely surprising I know. How could anyone not like Greg Paulus? Brian Zoubek? The alien that is Kyle Singler. They seem like really fun guys.


Pass me the ball, Kyle!  via


Taylor loves it at 'Nova and you can see that in his play on the court. He's fired up all the time. Although if him and DeMarcus Cousins ever meet up I think Cousins may hit him across the head with a pipe. At which point I would hope Taylor channels his experience at Duke and flops so bad he appears dead, getting Cousins a long-stay in jail.

In CasualHoya's last trip to Philly, we saw a male cheerleader sprint about 6 laps around the entire court while holding a huge ‘Nova flag before he nearly died from exhaustion. Gtown has a tremendous male cheerleader (whose coach has steadfastly refused our generous request to interview him for the GLOBAL PHENOMENON) but that's nearly unprecedented. Does that lunatic sprint the court each game? What's the most laps he's ever completed?

That lunatic (completely accurate by the way) does sprint around the court for as long as he possibly can. I think the most I ever saw him do was 9. And I'm 88% sure he went and puked on a cheerleader (which according to you, actually ADDS to the attractiveness of our women). That flag is huge though, so I can't make too much fun of him. I probably sprint one sideline, see the beer man and just drop the flag and walk into the crowd. So he's a good sport for sacrificing himself to our laughter and jeers.

How does one guard Scottie Reynolds? For some reason Georgetown has failed to contain him for the past 10 years.

Has it been only 10 years? Feels like at least 15, and rightfully so. And I'm not sure you can do a better job than that flopping bastard from The Hall did on Tuesday night. Reynolds finally broke free late for 13 2nd half points, but that guy whose name escapes me did about as good a job as you can. Just gotta have the energy to run around with him because he moves off the ball very well.

Or you could just sacrifice yourself for the good of the school and kill him. He might come back from the dead to haunt you though.

How do you see this game playing out? Final score prediction?

Extremely nervous, although after watching your boys choke against USF, I'm a little more confident. You have no bench, and we have an extremely talented/deep one, so that works to our advantage, especially in a hostile environment. If Greg Monroe has another game like he did last time, I don't like our chances. If we can keep him around 15-20 and away from 30, I think we have a shot.

For the first time all year though, I am picking against the 'Cats. (Casual Note: Huge!) I think you guys come out with your hair literally on fire which scares the bejesus out of us and leads you to victory.  Or maybe you just shoot well and play solid defense. I think you guys win by 3-4, somewhere in the low 70's.

Who do you like in the Super Bowl?

Peyton Manning stars in 4 commercials and makes me laugh out loud in 3 of them. Drew Brees throws 5 TD's to eclipse Manning by 1 and this game hits the 40's. Then the Saints Go Marching In for the win in the waning moments and a riot of biblical proportions starts in Miami and carries over to Nawlins and the city is actually lost forever, at which point Democrats blame George Bush for fixing the game and hating black people.