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The Importance of a Strong Student Section

Could it be that they just don't have the tools to be successful? Obviously it stinks that the students have to sit in the endzones and give up the middle section to the high rent district but let's take a quick tour of the college basketball landscape for inspiration.

Utah State

For those unaware, this school is in the bustling metropolis of Logan, Utah and obviously has a ton of non-drinking non-swearing LDSers. This does not stop them from putting together a very casual cheer:


More after "The "Jump"

No one's asking for this to be the greatest chant of all time:

But it would go a long way toward establishing an identity were the student section to adopt something and make it their own. Obviously HOYA-SAXA is a tried and true classic but there has to be some student who reads this blog after drinking and realizes that it's a GLOBAL PHENOMENON based largely on mocking other teams.

Showing up to the game is an important (and strangely overlooked) first step. Wearing gray is another nice one. What sets the schools above apart (and no, we have no interest in showcasing the clowns at Duke) is cohesion and the knowledge that what they do actually helps the team on the floor. Sure it's circular with the players needing to return the favor to the fans but wouldn't it be better to be cheering for a win rather than being yelled at by the opposing team?