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Trap Game Blues: South Florida Beats Georgetown 72-64

Remember all those good feelings about Georgetown basketball after beating Duke?  Remember how Georgetown lost to South Florida four days later?  Well that JUST HAPPENED.  South Florida beat Georgetown at home 72-64.

Many scapegoats in this game.  Greg Monroe picked up two fouls in 10 seconds, rendering him useless for 10 minutes while South Florida clawed their way back.  Austin Freeman decided to turn into Fat Sophomore Austin Freeman for 18 minutes of the second half.  Chris Wright scored in single digits and missed a 3 pointer with 3 minutes left that would have tied the game.  The Hoyas are now 1-5 when Wright scores under 10 points.  Don't be fooled by Monroe and Freeman's gaudy statistics, both of them played like garbage.  Georgetown shot 11-22 from the foul line, including 3-7 from Monroe, 3-5 from Freeman and 2-4 from Wright.

Now for the students.  I made this abundantly clear in the game thread, but as fans of the #7 team in the country, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  If we are going to be an elite team, we need an elite fanbase.  For you to not show up to one of our last five home games is laughable.  You are not a fan if you only show up for games against ranked teams, you are a front running douche bag.  And the you I am referring to is every single student that has season tickets and couldn't take two hours out of a Wednesday night to support your college basketball team.  It's not finals time, it's not midterm time, it's a random Wednesday night.  I've been to college, it's not that hard.  The reason these games turn into trap games is because not only the players are resting on their laurels, but the fans are as well.  3 of the 4 classes on Georgetown's campus lived through last year, know how much it sucked, and still couldn't show up for one of the last 5 games they could see in person.  You pay approximately $10 dollars a game to see one of the top 10 (not tonight) teams in the country from 15 rows away.  Alumni like myself pay $50 for one game to have the last seat in the house.  And if you want to say you aren't that big of a fan and that basketball isn't that big of a deal, go to an Ivy League school or one of the NESCAC schools.

All of this doesn't excuse the players.  Besides Vee Sanford and Jerrelle Benimon, you have all lived through last year.  You know what happened after we beat UConn and Syracuse last year.  You know not to rest on your laurels.  If you think you are "bringing it back" to the '80s era or 2007 and 2008 you need to show up every game - that means Duke and South Florida alike.

We have no chance of winning the Big East regular season, we have no chance at a #1 seed, we have no chance of winning 6 straight games in the NCAA tournament, and at this point this team is almost as Jekyll and Hyde as last year's team.

Villanova is next on Saturday.  I assume both the players and students will show up for that one because they are ranked.