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The Morning After: Post-Game Articles, Quotes and Overall Disgust

Way to ruin a perfectly good headband day, Georgetown.

Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III On today's loss... "To say today is disappointing would be an understatement. It's extremely disappointing. Now, Notre Dame played extremely well. They shot the ball extremely well. I don't happen to know what the numbers are but the open shots they got they put in; the contested shots they got they put in. So they did a good job of coming out and doing what they had to do. We made a little run there in the second half and then as soon as we got it to four, I don't remember the exact time line, but I feel like they got 2 or 3 three's, they got fouled shooting a three, you know right when we got close they extended it. So that's with the players that's what the teams do."

Hoya Prospectus: Recap: Notre Dame 78, Georgetown 64
How did they give up 1.4 points per possession? Mostly by giving up open shots. Yes, the Irish are good shooters, but they aren't a team used to getting seven dunks and twelve mostly easy layups. Georgetown often loses the battle in certain elements of the game: getting good shots is almost never one of them. The blame can be laid at both the coaching staff and the players. The Hoyas' switching, constantly helping defense is not a great style to play against a team with few individual stars that passes and shoots well. In other games where this has been the case, the Hoyas have adjusted by helping less. Today, that didn't seem to happen.

With Austin Freeman limited, Georgetown falls to Notre Dame -
Georgetown staggered to one of its more confounding losses of the season, 78-64. The Hoyas never were in a fight they should have handled with relative ease.

South Bend Tribune: Notre Dame men's basketball: Scott makes a statement
"Hansbrough's plays at the start of the second half, in many ways, were deflating because we came out so excited," said coach John Thompson III. "That's what good players do." Hansbrough scored 19 of his team-high 21 points in the second half.

With Freeman Ailing, Inconsistent Hoyas Falter | The Hoya
"It was even because we didn’t have [Harangody]. It’s a push," Brey said. "But there’s no question that Freeman was not himself today. … I’m a firm believer in survival of the fittest in this very cruel league." Freeman did not start for the first time since his freshman season and scored a season-low five points in 23 minutes for the Hoyas (19-8, 9-7 Big East). With Harangody nursing a right knee bruise on the bench, junior forward Carleton Scott got the start and scored a career-high 17 points for the Irish (19-10, 8-8), who beat No. 12 Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

Is it the shoes? Or the name? - Beyond the Arc -
But it’s nice to see Hansbrough get a shot. Especially when dealing with fan heckling like this: One fan kept shouting, "You’re not your brother! You’re not your brother!" No kidding. And it’s not a bad thing.

DC Sports Box - No. 11 Georgetown Falls to Notre Dame
"There's no question. Freeman was not himself today," said Brey.   "He was sick and they are a very different basketball team. I'm a firm believer in survival of the fittest in this very cruel league but they are very different without Freeman."

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Georgetown Hoyas - Recap - February 27, 2010 - ESPN
"We put on a clinic sometimes with how to play, how to pass the basketball," Hansbrough said. "We guarded, we defended and we did what it took to win."