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Casual Lock of the Day: Varmint v. Teddy - Day 4

After our man Varmint in Vegas went 4-7 in his first 11 picks (including a soul crushing and wallet burning 6 game losing streak), we here at the GLOBAL PHENOMENON began listening to your pleas to make a change.  But rather than dump Varmint while he was down on his luck, we decided to make things a bit more interesting while at the same time testing out one of gambling's greatest questions:


Tale of the Tape and Picks after The Jump:

Tale of the Tape: 

Varmint Teddy

Gambler_medium Teddy_2_medium
Head-to-Head Record 0-3 3-0
Age 37 Almost 2 years old
Race Ghostly White Maltipoo
Weight 205 pounds 6 pounds
Fun Fact   "I am 2-6 all-time in street fights." "I am constantly told not to beg for food."


Varmint's Pick:

Another loser for Vomit the Geek last night..... Here we go with my 15th pick...I am 4-10!

Vandy -11 vs Georgia.....Bigtime revenge game here for the Commodores....Georgia beat Vandy in a fluke game on Feb 6th....Vandy is 15-20 points better than Georgia...lock 'em up!

Empty your bank account and lay heavy.  Vandy -11 is a LOCK!!!

Teddy's Pick:

I am 3-0 and moving to Vegas.  This Varmint guy stinks like my poo.


I dislike most other animals, especially the cats and squirrels I see during my walks.  I'm sure I'd hate a badger if I ever encountered one, but doesn't Indiana have that awful Jeremiah Rivers guy who transferred from my daddy's favorite team?  Take Wisconsin -10