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False Hope for a Double Bye: Another Look at the Big East Tournament

Whacky times in the Big East.  UConn whipped West Virginia, Pittsburgh got molested by Notre Dame, St. Johns choked away a victory against Marquette, Seton Hall tamed the beast that is the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and the mighty Hoyas of Georgetown dismantled Louisville on the road.  The Big East Tournament got a lot more interesting since the last time we did this, oh all of THREE days ago.

After the jump, we take another look at the Big East Tournament, once again using Ken Pomeroy's magic projections, even though his projections are CRAP.

#1 Syracuse (Currently 26-2, 13-2, 1st Place):

Next 3 games:

Win vs. Villanova, Win vs. St. Johns, Win @ Louisville.

Projected Record: 29-2, 16-2, 1st Place

How sweet would it have been if Providence had held Syracuse off to win last night?  That would have made me happy.  Syracuse going 16-2 makes me unhappy.

#2 Villanova (Currently 23-4, 12-3, 2nd Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss @ Syracuse, Win @ Cincinnati, Win vs. West Virginia

Projected Record: 25-5, 14-4, 2nd Place

Antonio Pena and Taylor King should get matching tattoos that say "Ebony and Ivory Foul Machines".

#3 Pittsburgh (Currently 21-7, 10-5, 4th Place):

Next 3 games:

Win @ St. Johns, Win vs. Providence, Win vs. Rutgers

Projected Record: 24-7, 13-5, 3rd Place

Remember that time I said Jamie Dixon is far and away the Coach of the Year?  And then remember the time they got waxed by 15 at Notre Dame?  Well that wasn't very good.  Can they lose another game and slip out of the top 4?  Why not?  They just got beat by 15 by Notre Dame without Luke Harangody.  I'm pretty sure Notre Dame is a Division III team without Harangody.

#4 West Virginia (Currently 21-6, 10-5, 3rd Place):

Next 3 games:

Win vs. Cincinnati, Win vs. Georgetown, Loss @ Villanova

Projected Record: 23-7, 12-6, 4th Place

Boy that Ken Pom is losing it huh?  First he has WVU as the #3 team in the country, then they lose to UConn.  Now he has BYU as the #4 team in the country.  I don't even have a joke.

#5 Marquette (Currently 18-9, 9-6, 5th Place):

Next 3 games:

Win @ Seton Hall, Win vs. Louisville, Win vs. Notre Dame

Projected Record: 21-9, 12-6, 5th Place

Marquette squeaked by St. Johns in overtime last night.  I have full confidence they will lose two of their next three games and Buzz Williams will still be fat after.

#6 Georgetown (Currently 19-7, 9-6, 6th Place):

Next 3 games:

Win vs. Notre Dame, Loss @ West Virginia, Win vs. Cincinnati

Projected Record: 21-8, 11-7, 6th Place

We win out and Marquette loses one and we have a double bye.  If Pitt decides to poop on itself one more time we'd be #3.  If Nova loses its last 3 we are #2.  If Cuse loses 5 of its last 3 we're the #1 seed.  It's math, it's simple.

#7 Connecticut (Currently 17-11, 7-8, 10th Place):

Next 3 games:

Win vs. Louisville, Loss @ Notre Dame, Win @ South Florida

Projected Record: 19-12, 9-9, 7th Place

UConn is going to get into the NCAA Tournament.  Good for them, the more they win, the better it looks for our RPI, which I totally understand.

#8 Louisville (Currently 18-10, 9-6, 7th Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss @ Connecticut, Loss @ Marquette, Loss vs. Syracuse

Projected Record: 18-13, 9-9, 8th Place

Finishing 0-4 to end your season isn't going to impress the selection committee.  Good thing Louisville is going to beat Marquette.  Hopefully they don't have their Selection Sunday watch at a restaurant, that could be dangerous.


#9 Notre Dame (Currently 18-10, 7-8, 11th Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss @ Georgetown, Win vs. Connecticut, Loss @ Marquette

Projected Record: 19-12, 8-10, 9th Place

Len Elmore has some moronic formula for determining the Big East Player of the Year.  I wish I could remember any of it, but I black out every time I hear his voice.  His formula determined that Luke Harangody should be Player of the Year.  He didn't play last night and Notre Dame beat Pittsburgh.  Could you imagine that happening for Georgetown without Greg Monroe?


#10 Seton Hall (Currently 16-10, 7-8, 8th Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss vs. Marquette, Win @ Rutgers, Loss @ Providence

Projected Record: 17-12, 8-10, 10th Place

If Jeremy "Dumbo" Hazell can somehow carry Seton Hall to a win over Marquette, I may try to kiss him on the mouth.


#11 South Florida (Currently 16-11, 6-9, 12th Place):

Next 3 games:

Win vs. Providence, Win @ Depaul, Loss vs. Connecticut

Projected Record: 18-12, 8-10, 11th Place

Y'all came to see Dominique Jones play (in the CBI).


#12 Cincinnati (Currently 16-11, 7-8, 9th Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss @ West Virginia, Loss vs. Villanova, Loss @ Georgetown

Projected Record: 16-13, 7-11, 12th Place

Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson is ready for a sophomore year at Cincinnati.  I've never been to Cincinnati, but I've heard it's the armpit of America.

#13 St. Johns (Currently 15-12, 5-10, 13th Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss vs. Pittsburgh, Loss @ Syracuse, Win @ Depaul

Projected Record: 16-14, 6-12, 13th Place


#14 Providence (Currently 12-15, 4-11, 14th Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss @ South Florida, Loss @ Pittsburgh, Win vs. Seton Hall

Projected Record: 13-17, 5-13, 14th Place

Writing about these last few teams makes me sad for their fans, then I remember we lost to Rutgers less than two weeks ago and I feel sad for me.

#15 Rutgers (Currently 14-14, 4-11, 15th Place):

Next 3 games:

Win vs. Depaul, Loss vs. Seton Hall, Loss @ Pittsburgh

Projected Record: 15-16, 5-13, 15th Place

During one of the last three games I hope that Mike Rosario's legs get cut off so that he can never salsa dance again.

#16 Depaul (Currently 8-18, 1-13, 16th Place):

Next 3 games:

Loss @ Rutgers, Loss vs. South Florida, Loss vs. St. Johns

Projected Record: 8-22, 1-17, 16th Place

It's going to be pretty depressing for Georgetown fans when Depaul beats Rutgers.

This is how the bracket shapes up:

(Click to make perty)

 Still love our chances of getting to the finals.  The team that scares me most in our side of the bracket is obviously Rutgers, but after that it'd be UConn right now.  I'd be shocked to see Syracuse not get to the finals, but Louisville is always a tough matchup for them.  Hopefully Syracuse loses, then we will be champions of the WORLD.  And honestly, our team needs to start catching up with the PHENOMENON, because it is a bit of a mismatch right now.  We're the best blog in the world and they are the 11th best college basketball team in the world.  It just doesn't add up.