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Casual Lock of the Day: MAN v. DOG on Big Monday

After our man Varmint in Vegas went 4-7 in his first 11 picks (including a soul crushing 6 game losing streak), we here at the GLOBAL PHENOMENON began listening to your pleas to make a change.  But rather than dump Varmint while he's down on his luck, we decided to make things a bit more interesting while at the same time testing out one of gambling's greatest questions: Can an avid sports gambler pick better than my puppy?  Let's check out the tale of the tape:

Varmint Teddy

Gambler_medium Teddy_2_medium
Age 37 Almost 2 years old
Race Ghostly White Maltipoo
Weight 205 pounds 6 pounds 
Fun Fact "I bought a house in Vegas 3 years ago and it is worth about the same as my 1997 Toyota Corolla." "I sometimes pee in the house just to see my owners get angry."

Varmint v. Teddy after The Jump:

Varmint's Pick:

I am 4-7.

The pick for Big Monday: Slim pickings...I will take West Virginia +1 at UCONN. I still say UCONN just does not have enough firepower in the end to beat a top 10 team on a consistent basis.  A fight could break out in this game, items will be thrown on the floor...and Huggins will be wearing a sweatsuit from Ross dress for less!

Empty your bank account and lay heavy.  WVU +1 is a LOCK!!!

Teddy's Pick:


Teddypick_medium're giving me the Sooners +21.5 AND I get to play with my favorite sock?  Take Oklahoma and thank me later.  I enjoy Beggin' Strips