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Bye Bye Double Bye: A Look at the Big East Tournament

Our beloved Georgetown Hoyas were sitting pretty for a top 4 seed in the Big East Tournament eight days ago, then they lost to the juggernaut that is Rutgers and couldn't complete a comeback against Syracuse.  Now the Hoyas are in 7th place in the Big East, but still have an outside shot of getting a top 4 seed by beating Louisville and West Virginia on the road.  For a team that hasn't won three straight games in the Big East since 2007-2008, this seems like a tall task.  For now, the GLOBAL PHENOMENON will use Ken Pomeroy to project the rest of the Big East regular season and then lay out the Big East Tournament.


Yeah.... so find out how delusional I really am after the jump (via

#1 Syracuse (Currently 25-2, 12-2, 1st Place):

Next 4 games:

Win @ Providence, Win vs. Villanova, Win vs. St. Johns, Win @ Louisville.

Projected Record: 29-2, 16-2, 1st Place

Super news.  Pretty sure that's the most wins in the Big East regular season since the conference moved to 16 teams.  Super duper.

#2 Pittsburgh (Currently 21-6, 10-4, 3rd Place):

Next 4 games:

Win @ Notre Dame, Win @ St. Johns, Win vs. Providence, Win vs. Rutgers

Projected Record: 25-6, 14-4, 2nd Place

Jamie Dixon should be the national coach of the year, no questions asked.  He lost DeJuan Blair, Levance Fields and Sam Young and will finish 2nd in the Big East.  Seriously?  Also, how did this team lose to Indiana?

#3 Villanova (Currently 22-4, 11-3, 2nd Place):

Next 4 games:

Win vs. South Florida, Loss @ Syracuse, Win @ Cincinnati, Win vs. West Virginia

Projected Record: 25-5, 14-4, 3rd Place

Always fun when our two biggest rivals finish 1st and 3rd in the conference. FML.

#4 West Virginia (Currently 21-5, 10-4, 4th Place):

Next 4 games:

Win @ Connecticut, Win vs. Cincinnati, Win vs. Georgetown, Loss @ Villanova

Projected Record: 24-6, 13-5, 4th Place

I think Ken Pom's ratings are drunk this year.  He currently has Duke at #1 and West Virginia at #3.  No way we lose to West Virginia on the road, right?  Just kidding, we're going to get slaughtered.

#5 Marquette (Currently 17-9, 8-6, 6th Place):

Next 4 games:

Win @ St. Johns, Win @ Seton Hall, Win vs. Louisville, Win vs. Notre Dame

Projected Record: 20-10, 12-6, 5th Place

12-6 seems really inflated for Marquette, Ken Pom doesn't know anything, the guy has Duke as the best team in the country.

#6 Louisville (Currently 18-9, 9-5, 5th Place):

Next 4 games:

Win vs. Georgetown, Loss @ Connecticut, Loss @ Marquette, Loss vs. Syracuse

Projected Record: 19-12, 10-8, 6th Place

Does Louisville need a strong Big East Tournament run to get into the NCAAs if these projections hold true?  Those losses to Charlotte and Western Carolina are less than stellar for their tournament resume.

#7 Georgetown (Currently 18-7, 8-6, 7th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss @ Louisville, Win vs. Notre Dame, Loss @ West Virginia, Win vs. Cincinnati

Projected Record: 20-9, 10-8, 7th Place

I think we're going to go 3-1 in this stretch, but I can't really argue.  Georgetown probably drives his mutant computer brain crazy.  In the last month we beat his #1 team at home and lost to his #149 team (Rutgers).

#8 Connecticut (Currently 16-11, 6-8, 11th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss vs. West Virginia, Win vs. Louisville, Loss @ Notre Dame, Win @ South Florida

Projected Record: 18-13, 8-10, 8th Place

Georgetown needs UConn to beat West Virginia and Louisville, if this doesn't happen, we have no chance at getting a top 4 seed.  We also have no chance at getting a top 4 seed because we haven't won 3 straight games since December.

#9 South Florida (Currently 16-10, 6-8, 12th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss @ Villanova, Win vs. Providence, Win @ Depaul, Loss vs. Connecticut

Projected Record: 18-12, 8-10, 9th Place

Y'all came to see Dominique Jones play (in the NIT).

#10 Seton Hall (Currently 15-10, 6-8, 10th Place):

Next 4 games:

Win vs. Rutgers, Loss vs. Marquette, Win @ Rutgers, Loss @ Providence

Projected Record: 17-12, 8-10, 10th Place

Seton Hall really shouldn't overlook Rutgers, they are really good.

#11 Cincinnati (Currently 15-11, 6-8, 8th Place):

Next 4 games:

Win vs. Depaul, Loss @ West Virginia, Loss vs. Villanova, Loss @ Georgetown

Projected Record: 16-13, 7-11, 11th Place

Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson seems to be ready for a career in Europe.  Count it.

#12 Notre Dame (Currently 17-10, 6-8, 9th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss vs. Pittsburgh, Loss @ Georgetown, Win vs. Connecticut, Loss @ Marquette

Projected Record: 18-13, 7-11, 12th Place

Luke Harangody for Player of the Year.

#13 St. Johns (Currently 15-11, 5-9, 13th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss vs. Marquette, Loss vs. Pittsburgh, Loss @ Syracuse, Win @ Depaul

Projected Record: 16-14, 6-12, 13th Place

Norm Roberts - coming to a high school gym near you.

#14 Providence (Currently 12-14, 4-10, 14th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss vs. Syracuse, Loss @ South Florida, Loss @ Pittsburgh, Win vs. Seton Hall

Projected Record: 13-17, 5-13, 14th Place

Year 2 of the Keno Davis project did not turn out to be as special as hoped.

#15 Rutgers (Currently 14-13, 4-10, 15th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss @ Seton Hall, Win vs. Depaul, Loss vs. Seton Hall, Loss @ Pittsburgh

Projected Record: 15-16, 5-13, 15th Place

So glad to be one of those 5 wins for Rutgers.  So glad I was there to witness it in person.  So glad to watch Mike Rosario salsa dance 4 feet from my face.  So glad to be a Georgetown fan.

#16 Depaul (Currently 8-18, 1-13, 16th Place):

Next 4 games:

Loss @ Cincinnati, Loss @ Rutgers, Loss vs. South Florida, Loss vs. St. Johns

Projected Record: 8-22, 1-17, 16th Place

Depaul a solid 1-35 in Big East play the last two years.  You should feel shame Marquette.

(Click picture to make it big and legible)

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  So if these seeds hold, we'd get to play either Rutgers or Seton Hall in the first round.  Isn't that fun?  Assuming Seton Hall knock off Rutgers, I mean who can't beat Rutgers, this bracket actually sets up pretty nicely for a solid run to the finals, if we could like win more than two games in a row.  GLOBAL PHENOMENON BOLD PREDICTION ALERT.   Georgetown will be in the finals of the Big East Tournament.  You heard it here first.