Villanova Apologist Denies Rampant Drug Use, Attacks GLOBAL PHENOMENON



I hate to look past USF tomorrow and focus on what may be the biggest game of the year on Saturday against Nova, but when I get emails from Nova alums claiming that cocaine played only a small part in the 1985 NCAA Championship, it just makes me angry.

The actual email (name protected to hide Nova alum from shame):

coked up Villanova? was only one fun if you don't stretch the truth though, huh? '' (V.U. '85)

Really? Just one guy?

I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night, buddy.

Here's an excerpt from the awfully-named Villanovian, which I assume is the student paper at Nova. The excerpt references a Sports Illustrated article in which Gary McLain, the point guard for the 1985 NCAA championship Villanova men's basketball team, admitted using cocaine while at Villanova:

McLain reported that he used cocaine before basketball games, including the game against Memphis State University in the Final Four at Lexington, Ky., in which he scored nine points. Several days later, according to his story, he was high on cocaine as the Villanova championship team met with President Ronald Reagan at the White House.

Beyond his cocaine use, McLain admitted in the article that he sold cocaine at Villanova. He wrote, "So we - me and this other guy - started selling right before the [1983-84] season started."

McLain also implied that other students and basketball players were involved with drugs. He stated, "Some of my teammates and guys in my dorm knew I did drugs. Some of them did drugs with me. It was no big deal to us."

Rumors about McLain's drug use spread and eventually reached the head coach of the men's basketball team, Roland V. Massimino, and the Rev. John P. Stack, O.S.A., dean of students, who both confronted him.

McLain's article inferred that Massimino and Stack merely used threats with no actual intentions of action against him. He said "I figured that he [Massimino] had too much to lose. After all, I was the star point guard."

One guy my ASS.

I hate Nova.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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