Traitorous Season Ticket Holders

As if this evening's heartbreaker wasn't hard enough to stomach, the number of Syracuse fans in the building (and in Hoya Hoop Club season ticket holder sections) was embarrassing. Every Hoya season ticket holder who sold/gave their tickets to 'Cuse fans should be ashamed, and I think the time is neigh to start outing you however possible. You deserve public humiliation at the very least for so callously aiding and abetting the enemy.

I'll start. Whoever owns the season tickets to Section 109 Row B Seats 3-10 (3 rows from where Obama sat at the Duke game, mind you) is the ultimate Hoya Hoop Club traitor. All season long, loyal Hoya Hoop Club season ticket holders BEHIND YOU in your section have watched you fill those prime home court seats with opposing team fans. Today was no exception. As always, the front of Section 109 was lined with a row full of opposing team fans (decked out in Orange tonight) right at courtside.

I don't know who you are, and can only guess you're some lobbying or law firm, all too happy to trade away Hoya tickets to secure a contract with a strip-mining business in Morgantown or the prospect of any introducing any business to those low lifes up in Syracuse. Or maybe you just give them away to your slave labor who attended these schools in lieu of monetary recognition.

Whatever your agenda, you are the ultimate Georgetown Judas. I can only hope you will someday be publicly named, humiliated and villified, and that your tickets transfer to a far more deserving Hoop Club Fan all too eager to use those seats the way they were intended to be used - to root for Georgetown! Shame on you Section 109, Row B Seats 3-10. And shame on every other season ticket holder who offers their tickets to opposing team fans for their own personal gain.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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