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Heartbreaker: Georgetown Loses to Cuse 75-71

What a tough loss, Syracuse beat Georgetown 75-71 after a furious comeback by the Hoyas.  The Hoyas were down 60-37 and fought all the way back to down 71-70 with the ball with less than a minute to go.  Jason Clark got a good look to win the game and couldn't knock down an open 3.  Like Chris Wright's miss against Rutgers, we have to wonder why we are shooting threes down 1 with Greg Monroe absolutely dominating inside.  With less than a minute to go, the ball needs to go to Monroe every single time.

Chris Wright was by far the best Georgetown player for most of the game, which is good news.  He played his ass off, looked for teammates, and did everything he could.  Unfortunately Georgetown's most consistent performer - Austin Freeman - had his worst game of the season, scoring 21 but on 8-19 from the field. 

Nevertheless, I am proud of the Hoyas today.  They showed fight that we thought could be lacking, with rampant rumors of team infighting.  It was also nice to see their mental block against Syracuse vanish as they furiously fought back.  Interestingly, it was done on the defensive end, as Georgetown forced 20 Syracuse turnovers.

Tough loss, but a valiant effort.  Let's finish up strong with a nice winning streak.

Plenty more tomorrow, for now I'm going to pour myself a warm glass of milk, rest my throat, and suck my thumb.

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