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A Wager with Hoya Suxa on Tomorrow's Game

Why bet your hard earned money when you can gamble with your dignity?

As Hate Day continues, Matt aka Hoya Suxa, the dark overlord of the self-named blog Hoya Suxa, and I, your fearless and visionary leader, have entered into a wager regarding the outcome of tomorrow's match between Syracuse and Georgetown.


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The bet is as follows:

If Georgetown wins, he will pen an entry lauding, celebrating and blessing the virtues of Georgetown University, a beacon of hope, peace and tranquility in a world full of violent, women-beating and bottle-throwing Cuse Delinquents.  For those not aware of Matt's blog, it is a mostly humorous, but sometimes pitiful satire on everything related to Georgetown that often praises the demon schools that thwart the Hoyas rise to dominance.

If Syracuse wins, I will rid myself of whatever remaining dignity I have left and wax poetic on the merits of Gerry McNamara.  May God have mercy on my soul.

Good talk.