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Syracuse Hate: Their Message Boards

So I'm spending a Casual Friday at work last week the way I like to spend most Casual Fridays - reading about college basketball and trolling other teams' message boards for ammo to make fun of their players, laugh at their grammar, etc.  Last Friday I was particularly interested in Syracuse's scout board because we had a game coming up against them, and again, their grammar is hilariously bad.  I stumbled into a thread titled "Hoya fan sinks to all-time low."

Started by a fellow named Orangeyes:

Earlier today Gottlieb addressed fan behavior at West Virginia, stating it's been very bad for going on two years now. He was talking about the chants they used regarding Pitino's mistress. He also cited the coin toss that hit a Pitt coach just below the eye.

There are certain things that should remain out of bounds and one is a father & son relationship. People like "Jeff Green's Dad" use their forums in an irresponsible manner when they publish a family photo to mock that family to their audience.

Attacking Andy & Leo

Well looky here, that's about me!  My first thought was "Wow, my making fun of Leo and Andy Rautins is on par with making fun of a man for committing adultery and tossing objects at referees?"  I can guarantee you that when Andy and Leo got matching tattoos they knew some people would make fun of it, and I'm sure they understand the nature of opposing college basketball teams looking for ways to make fun.  They both played high level college basketball, they get the nature of the game, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be that offended by what was written.

More posts hating on me after the JUMP

To be fair, some of the posts were actually defending me, which I appreciate, and I was actually impressed with the collective intellect of Syracuse fans because they were able to understand the tongue-in-cheek nature of the article.  That said, there were four replies that really shocked me after the initial post.

First was from Mark79

Dude is just jealous.  There is almost nothing more that I cherish than my close relationship with my son. We play golf together, laugh at the same stupid jokes together, but most importantly of all....
cheer together over SU basketball...!!!!

Mark, I am going to assume you graduated in 1979.  By my math, that would make you 52 or 53 years old.  Re-read your post.  Does it make any sense?  Is "but" really the correct conjunction in this case?   By saying "but most importantly of all", you are actually discounting playing golf and laughing at the same jokes.  I think "and" would be a much better word choice.  Also, you can't cheer over SU basketball, but you can cheer for SU basketball.  That make sense for you big guy?  Okay cool.

Next was from Sourshoes

I like how dad is choosing the white guys on the team. Seems some pent up racial hatred there.

Really not even sure what to do with this one.  I guess I'll just admit to hating white people?  Yes, as I currently toil through the winter in New York City resembling Casper The Friendly Ghost, I think my best bet would just be to come out on Casual Hoya and admit that I hate white people.  You really cut right to the core of me Sourshoes.

Next was from Moqui

well, it is a lame attempt at humor, but I don't see any reason to get upset over this.

Lame attempt at humor?! Don't see any reason to get upset?!  What the hell man?  That article is funny!  You try coming up with stuff once a week with hundreds of millions of people hanging on your every word on the GLOBAL PHENOMENON.  It's hard dude.

I saved the best for last with this gem from OrlandoCuse

My guess is between his handle "Jeff Green's Dad" and his attack and mockery of Andy and Leo's father son relationship, it's fairly clear to see the author has some father issues of his own. His mom and dad probably got divorced at a young age and Dad split, probably remarried and ignored his son with the ex-wife.

It happens, life's a bitch. Why don't you attack and criticize your own father instead of mocking a good father son relationship?

I feel sorry for that author. Not only is he a Hoya fan, he's obviously got some deep seeded issues he can't overcome.

This one is pretty loaded.  So this dude is not only spending his free time commenting on a scout message board nearly 6,600 times, but he's not even commenting on Syracuse.  He is spending his time commenting on a blog devoted to Georgetown basketball.  And he is that good at psychology that he has inferred all these things about me just because I made some tongue-in-cheek humor about a father and son getting matching tattoos.  So Dr. Freud, let's go through this post one absurd claim at a time.

My handle is in reference to a chant that Georgetown students used to make at games when Jeff Green was playing.  For some background, Jeff was the Big East Player of the Year in 2007, my year in school, and my favorite player of all time.   At games we used to chant "Jeff Green's Mom" to his mother, she'd get up and dance, and it was fun for everyone.  I always felt like his dad got the short end of the stick, so I created this handle because of it.  Now, you claiming to relate my handle to daddy issues is about as dipshitted as if I were to claim that the founders of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician were obsessed with magicians as children and hoped to one day realize their dreams of being magicians themselves, until they found out their hands were too small to do the requisite card tricks.  Do you see how stupid that sounds?  I don't know who Troy Nunes is, I don't understand the background of the joke, but I also didn't eat enough paint chips as a kid to infer anything other than it being an inside joke understood by Syracuse fans.

As for my parents getting divorced at a young age, again Captain Dipshit, you are wrong.  My parents met their senior years of college, were married soon thereafter, and are celebrating their 30th anniversary this coming July.  But yes, another smart thought.

Now, my relationship with my dad.  Anyone that knows me knows the mega bromance that my dad and I share.  Just like Mark79, I play golf with my dad, share stupid jokes, and we cheer for Georgetown basketball together.  It's an intense enough bromance that rarely a day goes by that we don't talk on the phone.  I never looked for a role model outside my house because he's been that instrumental in my life.  Now is that something I feel like sharing to faceless readers across the world?  No, but apparently it's necessary so that you understand some context for next time you spout off at the mouth with retarded nonsense like you wrote on the scout board.

Now for a gross generalization about you to be spread across the internet.  Because your handle is OrlandoCuse, you are a pedophile who trolls Disney World looking for your next catch and will probably end up getting interviewed by Chris Hansen soon.  How's that for a massive generalization based on zero facts?  Screw you and screw Syracuse. (Ca