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Most Hated Syracuse Players of the Past Decade

For loyal readers of this blog, it should come as no surprise that we are almost entirely animated by alcoholism, an addiction to sports gambling, a dedication to the truth and pure, unadulterated hate of Nikita, of Duke and J.J.'s poems, of Jay Wright's tailor, of Jim Calhoun's doctors, of New Jersey, of (at least recently) Chris Wright and, of course, of Syracuse! So, on this Ash Wednesday, we are taking off our shackles and giving up for Lent any reservations we may have had for unloading on that dastardly University to the North.  It shouldn't be much of a sacrifice.



Without further ado, let us present to you, after the Jump, the most hated Syracuse players of the past decade, in no particular order.  While we would have liked to detail an all-encompassing list including the likes of Pearl Washington, Sherman Douglas, Derrick Coleman and Rony Seikaly, we feel their mediocre professional careers were enough punishment.  For those recruits thinking about heading over to Canada to play for Jim Boeheim, don't believe the hype - in his 34 years as a head coach, he has produced two NBA All-Stars, one of which was Carmelo Anthony who would have been great without the sage tutelage monetary awards of Whining Jim.  Luckily the Auburn Correctional Facility is always hiring!


Gerry McNamara (via

Doubly awful because he's now the grad assistant at Cuse and can impart his awfulness on a whole new breed of losers. I respect G-Mac for his leadership and knack for stabbing Hoyas fans with daggers in our eyes with numerous clutch shots throughout his career, and in a shocking twist, he actually put up almost 10 a game in his D-League career. On the upside, he is from Scranton, PA.  On the downside, he is Gerry McNamara.


Eric DevendorK (via

Does this really require any explanation?  We really need the Syracuse Dean of Students to come on here and justify DevendorK's ability to not only remain as a student after beating a girl, but also his absurdly short 'suspension' from the team that caused him to miss zero games of any consequence.  For shame, Syracuse.  For shame.


Andy Rautins and his Best Friend "Dad" (via

Most people would consider this beating a dead horse. We have no such qualms. Slavish devotion to your team is one thing but there is simply no way to justify the Rautins' family's matching tattoos and affinity for hair gel. 


Caramello Anthony (via

Actually, this one is a bit tougher to justify hating. So the kid left the streets of Baltimore for the payday at Cuse and then took a paycut to become one of the top three players in the NBA?

That said, his fiancee, La La (casual 4 year engagement), is a disaster as witnessed in this recent exchange at Dallas. Not sure anyone comes out looking good in this one.

Oh, and also: Caramello hates snitches.


Jim Boeheim (Cuse Walk-on!) (via

Granted he did not play this past decade, unless your definition of play is to whine, moan and cry uncontrollably on the sidelines, he is still worth including in this list merely for the above photo.  I have been staring at that photo for at least 5 minutes now and can't decide which article of clothing is worse.  If this guy didn't orchestrate the 2-3 zone so effectively, he'd be serving me Peronis at Verizon (but not after there are 15 minutes to go in the 2nd half).

And finally, someone we could learn to love:


Whoa.  Hello, casual lady in Derrick Coleman jersey.  Try not to get beaten up on campus!  (via

Stay Classy 'Cuse! Let the flame war of upstate-New York basement dwellers begin; as soon as they can put down their off-brand Safeway Select Chocolate and Milk Flavored Layered Cookies with Extra Stuffing.