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Casual Lock of the Day - Mardi Gras Edition

From THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's man Varmint out in Vegas (yes, he really lives in Vegas) comes your 5-Star Guaranteed Casual Lock of the Day:


Heaven is a place on Earth.  via

I am 3-2 after Nova crapped the bed last night. 

Mississippi State +3.5 vs. Kentucky.  This is your classic Vegas trap game. People will look at this line and say "What, Kentucky is only favored by 3.5 points?"  Lots of money will pour in on Kentucky but the smart money will stay with Mississippi State. Look for the Kentucky freshmen to have a let down game after Tennessee and struggle on the road.

The +3.5 should be enough to win the money.

Empty your bank accounts and lay heavy.  Mississippi State +3.5 is a LOCK!!!

Happy Mardi Gras