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Casual Lock of the Day - February 15th, 2010

The Sportsbooks are OPEN on President's Day.

From THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's man Varmint out in Vegas (yes, he really lives in Vegas) comes your 5-Star Guaranteed Casual Lock of the Day:


Heaven is a place on Earth.  via

I am 3-1 after UCLA predictably lost but covered.  Are you listening to me yet?

I have a hard time laying 10 points but I have to do it here. I will take Villanova -10 vs. UCONN. Most people will say I am nuts for playing this game but the line is telling you a lot here. UCONN got killed v. Cincy and their coach called out pretty much everyone on the UCONN team. You might think this would be a "Bounce back game" for UCONN but I don't see it that way. Your record represents what you are. UCONN is 4-8 in league play. They are a bad team with no leadership and will be lucky to play in the CBI tournament. Villanova on the other hand won @ West Virgina and beat Providence and is peaking at the right time. This one will be close until half way thru the second half when Villanova will pull away and win by 14.

Empty your bank accounts and lay heavy.  NOVA -10 is a LOCK!!!