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Casual Lock of the Day - Valentine's Day Special

Can't afford that bouquet of flowers or special gift that will help you have sexy times?

From THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's man Varmint out in Vegas (yes, he really lives in Vegas) comes your 5-Star Guaranteed Casual Lock of the Day:



I am 2-1...Fullerton game went over last night...I got lucky.

Sunday pick: UCLA +7 @ USC  This might be a big game any other year but not this year. The players will only be thinking about what girl they are going to take out for Valentine's day after the game.  USC is on probation and UCLA is head for the NIT at best. UCLA still will do everything to keep it close and steal it at the end. If itsallthatmatters was 25 pounds heavier coming out of high school back in 1986 he would have been a recruited walk on to UCLA!!!!!!

Empty your bank accounts and lay heavy.  UCLA+7 is a LOCK!!!