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Casual Lock of the Day - February 12, 2010

We introduced this concept yesterday, and with its whopping initial success (Pepperdine +9.5 at San Fran...they lost by 30) we have decided to make it a regular feature. 



From THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's man Varmint out in Vegas (yes, he really lives in Vegas) comes your 5-Star Guaranteed Casual Lock of the Day:

I am 0-1....
Pick for Friday: I'll take Pitt +3.5 vs. West Virginia.  +3.5 is the magical number out here in Vegas when it comes to point spreads. Teams play to win the game so even with a late 3 pointer you can still cover. Pitt lost by 19 at West Virginia on February 3rd. This is a revenge game for Pitt. On ESPN....lots of students will be drunk and crazy. Pitt steals the game late: Will be low scoring: Final score: Pitt wins 64-62.

Empty your bank accounts and lay heavy.  Pitt +3.5 is a LOCK.