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Casual Hoya Presents Casual Crap Day 2: Dance Party USA!!!

With Georgetown having two more days until the enormous battle with the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers, we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON could have easily locked the doors, gone fishing, or mailed today in like DaJuan Summers against St. John's (twice).  But because we are here for you, our loyal followers, we just wouldn't feel right about doing that.  You demand more.  You deserve more.  Actually, you deserve nothing.  We hate you.


Best Week Ever?  


But due to the tremendous unprecedented success of the inaugural Casual Crap Day, we've decided to bring it back today, FOR ONE DAY AND ONE DAY ONLY!!!  So sit back, pour yourself a 2nd cup of coffee, and keep it right here on Casual Hoya.  Because today is not just an average Friday.  Every few hours we're going to be posting new and exciting (read: lame filler) articles for your enjoyment.  Today we open our doors to you discuss ANYTHING you want to discuss.  Have an opinion on the upcoming Winter Games? We want to hear it.  Thoughts on the Best Picture race? Bring it on.  Want to make fun of JeffGreen'sDad for his awful parlay last night? Fair game!  Care to make fun of the Manning face?  This is your lucky day.

But wait...why is it a Dance Party you ask?  WHY THE HELL NOT!  So whether you prefer our girls Ke$ha, Katy Perry or even Heidi Montag (recommended viewing), feel free to crank up your speakers, put on your headband and hang out.  Welcome to Casual Crap Day 2: Dance Party USA!!!  And remember, the underground don't stop for hoes.

Casual Hoya's Valentine's Day Gift Guide drops at 11:15...