As I noted in today's edition of Casual Communication I won $100 betting on Georgetown against Providence.  Well now I have some confidence, and no one ever loses when they gamble, so I am giving it another go round tonight.  Will this end very badly?  Most likely.  But it's all for our loyal readers' enjoyment. 

Tonight's pick:

Two team parlay.  $50 to win $130.

Louisville -6 @ St. Johns

Notre Dame +5 @ Seton Hall

Is this a good bet?  I don't know.  I didn't know what a parlay was until like 10 minutes ago.

After the jump see our Casual Lock of the Night:

Our Casual Connection in Vegas calls this his LOCK OF THE NIGHT:

Pepperdine +9.5 @ USF   I wll take Pepperdine +9.5   These are two of the crappiest teams to watch in America. You could not pay me to go to this game. It will be so f'ing ugly. Crap vs Crap game. A D2 game at best.  USF does not give a crap and either does Pepperdine. 77-70 USF wins but Pepperdine covers.

Stay Casual, my friends.