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DC is the Best Town in the Big East!?!

Pat Forde recently listed off the best and worst towns in each conference and decided that Washington, DC, the home of our very own Georgetown Hoyas is the best city in the Big East.  His reasoning is as follows:

"You can head over to Georgetown's campus and hit The Tombs or venture to M Street. A quick Metro ride gets you to the Verizon Center where you might end up sitting next to the president."

While I appreciate the acknowledgment, I whole-heartedly disagree with the pick.  Washington, DC, while a fun city can never be the best town in the conference as long as St. John's is playing Big East basketball.  New York City is the mecca of basketball, and if Forde is leaving out the performance of the team, then Washington, DC can never compete with New York City.

Also, The Tombs is not a quick Metro ride from the Verizon Center and Obama came to one game, and didn't even cheer for the hometown team.

Forde was correct on his other picks, including listing Storrs as the worst city in the Big East,

"Only college town I've ever seen that reminds you of a retirement community, and LIKES it that way."

And picking Maryland-College Park as the worst city in the ACC:

"The town is a dump, the campus dull. The late, not-so-great Rendezvous Inn is hands-down the nastiest bar in which I've raised a glass."

He also concludes that Syracuse is the best place in the Big East to watch a game, stating:

"The epitome of Big East basketball -- a cold winter's night, 30,000-plus flock to the Carrier Dome on campus and ESPN trucks are parked at the arena loading dock. Brings back memories of what made the league so special. A stop at Dinosaur BBQ is a must before and even after the game. The threat of being buried by three feet of lake-effect snow just adds to the mystique."

The Dinosaur BBQ sounds a lot more appealing to me.