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Georgetown's Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, and Jason Clark Need a Casual Nickname. You Decide!

Every great team needs a nickname by which to refer to its star players. In the NBA, 'The Big 3" has been used to refer to the Celtics' Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen as well as the thus far underachieving LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh mess in Miami. So as the Georgetown Hoyas begin to set up a tent on the lawn of college basketball's upper echelon, we're asking you for help to come up with "the casual nickname for which Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, and Jason Clark will be forever here on out referred to."

Over the course of the past couple of weeks there have been numerous suggestions, both on THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON and off. Because it is way past the time when a decision should have been made, we've taken the top three and broken down the pros and cons of each. Since this blog operates as a democracy and pays attention to the will of the people, you will make the final decision. In no particular order...

Casual nicknames after The Jump:

Option #1: Run DMV
Source: alleninxis

Pro: JGD

Before I get started, I have to say I am shocked this wasn't the overwhelming favorite. The fact that Run DMV isn't destroying the competition attests to the startlingly white population that reads this blog. And there's nothing I hate more than white people. Jason, Chris and Austin should be named Run DMV for no other reason than it's the only nickname I could see catching on with them and other NBA / college players. I think it is fair to assume that any college or professional basketball player is cooler than any reader of this blog. I understand that it could be confusing to the common reader because DMV also stands for Department of Motor Vehicles, but once you get past that, it's pretty sweet right? DMV is a common term for DC, Maryland, VA, which is where Wright, Freeman and Clark played high school basketball. It is also an ode to Run DMC, the forefathers of rap music, and Run TMC, the high flying early 90s Golden State Warriors. It's the only nickname I can see catching fire on the internet, and it's the only nickname as awesome as our three guards.

Con: casualhoya

Background: This nickname is born out of the ultra-casual RUN TMC nickname given to the Golden State Warriors in the 90s when they were a powerhouse team with Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullin that ran opponents off the court. However, it doesn't quite work when applied to Georgetown for the below reasons:

Rule of Casual Nickname #1: It is not a casual nickname if you have to explain it. Yeah, I get it. DC, Maryland, Virginia. Ooh, that's so cool and Beltway. But come on! Why limit the nickname to a specific geographical region? WE'RE GOING GLOBAL WITH THIS SUCKER. Also, there are other players on the team from the "DMV" and that kind of ruins things.

Rule of Casual Nickname #2: It is not a casual nickname if it doesn't make sense. Georgetown isn't even a RUNning team! If this were Loyola Marymount and somehow Hank Gathers (RIP) and Bo Kimble and those kids fit into a RUN _,_,_ then it would make sense BECAUSE THAT TEAM SCORED 100 POINTS PER GAME.

Option #2: The Holy Trinity
Source: sleepyhoya

Pro: casualhoya

This one just makes sense...and I'm Jewish! The last I checked, Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the United States. With Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Jason Clark all capable of leading the team in any given game, this nickname pays respect not only to the three as individuals but also alludes to the greatness and higher power that the three can accomplish as one. Moreover, the Trinity aspect has dual meaning in that it does not only refer to the three players themselves, but to the righteous three point field goals that will carry our season and elevate our collective holy spirit to unprecedented heights. Plus, I kind of dig this religious battle cry: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Hoya Spirit." No-brainer.

Con: JGD

First, no way that this one catches on with the team or any other players. Second, Michael Jordan once said "Republicans Wear Nikes Too" when asked why he wouldn't endorse a Democratic candidate in a political race. Well, to take a page out of Michael Jordan's book - Jews Cheer For Georgetown Too. The name is limiting, and won't have mass appeal because none of the big sites like SI, ESPN or Yahoo! would touch it with a 10 foot pole. I am also confused by which guard represents which part of the Holy Trinity. I am also not comfortable with likening our guards to holy figures, feels very wrong. But if you are okay with upsetting higher powers, then go right ahead and vote for this option.

Option #3: Verizon 3G
Source: beatcuse

Con: JGD

This contest, and this blog for that matter, is inherently lame. Most of the stuff written is lame, following a college basketball team with the fervor we all do is lame. But this takes the cake for the lamest of all lame. I get that we play in the Verizon Center, and we have three great guards, but to nickname them after an out of date cell phone network? Pass.

Con: casualhoya

This one is so unconscionably bad that it is killing my fingers even typing a response to somehow justify it. There's just no way in hell a casual nickname can revolve around a cell phone network, and especially a network that has already been replaced by a newer, sleeker, and faster 4G version. Next.

Other nicknames to consider:
Three Amigos (MyFairHoya)
Free's Company (Hoya Vey)
JAC and The Bulldogs (Roctavious and timmadrid)
Three Dudes One Cup (uber casual)