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Austin Freeman Scores 21 as Notre Dame Beats Georgetown 69-55

Well, it had to happen sometime and there's little to be pleased with in tonight's game. Austin Freeman played a solid game as the rest of the team struggled to get quality shots off, let alone connect.

As painful as it is to say, Notre Dame played an outstanding game, forcing the Hoya Trinity (eat it, JGD) into their worst game of the season with Chris Wright, Jason Clark, and Austin Freeman combining for 34 points. . . Of which, Freeman had 21. We've wondered when this Georgetown team would go cold and it happened tonight in spades - with the team shooting only 18% from 3 point range and a measly 55% from the free throw line.

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Though Georgetown was a much deeper team with 9 players seeing the floor for at least 10 minutes a piece, Notre Dame's starters each played at least 33 minutes and thoroughly dominated, with Tim Abromaitis scoring 20 and Tyler Hansbrough's younger brother, Ben, scoring 17.

It's a rough couple of days with the basketball gods giving Syracuse a victory over Providence, Coach K moving past Dean Smith, and Georgetown dropping one to that other Catholic school. But the sun will rise and up next are the woeful DePaul Blue Demons.

Though some cynicism is acceptable for the next few days, Georgetown was never going to run the table in the Big East.

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