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Predicting the Big East - How Many Conference Wins Will Georgetown Have?

The Big East Conference slate kicks off tonight with #4 UConn visiting #6 Pitt, the first of many top ten conference matchups to occur this year. As is tradition on this lunch blog that dabbles in basketball - we are asking you to predict the future and determine Georgetown's conference record. Post thoughts in the comments. Below is my prediction:

(Thoughts and Delusion After the Jump)

Georgetown has absolutely blown me away with their play so far this season. Going 11-1 through one of the nation's toughest and most road-heavy schedules is no small feat and it is much better than I had originally anticipated . It has been a great ride so far and I still don't think Georgetown is playing to its full potential.

The Hoyas open up the conference season on Wednesday in South Bend against Notre Dame - another ranked Big East squad that is playing better than expected. While I am fully on-board the delusion train, the hauntings of recent years passed will never fully be repressed, and I, like JahidiLikesPie, am nervous about every damn game, including DePaul. From the perspective of the NCAA Tournament Committee, I think Georgetown's out-of-conference slate gives them substantial leeway for a mediocre conference showing but I would be pretty disappointed with anything other than a top four conference finish and three seed in the Tournament (oh, how far we have come in two years).

When it comes to my conference prediction, despite the questions about Georgetown's rebounding and defense and my own adversity towards hopefulness, positivity, and being nice, DELUSION WINS and I'm going with a 14-4 record and second place finish. That's right - 14 damn wins. I've been exalting the importance of experience for two years now and it is time to eat my hat if need be. There is just something about this team that makes me believe.

Here's to another season that takes a couple years off my life.