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Bob Cousy Award is a Sham; Chris Wright Not Nominated as a Top Point Guard in the Country

The candidates for the 2011 Bob Cousy Award Award have been released, and no where on the page full of talented leaders is Hoya point guard Chris Wright.  That's right, the supposedly top 66 point guards in college basketball were decided today, and senior Chris Wright was not included.  Unclear if this was an oversight, or a blatant slight, but it is a travesty and outright insult to Wright and the success he has had this year.  He is undoubtedly the leader of a Top Ten, 10-1 team with the top RPI in the country.  He is averaging over 30 minutes, 13 points and 6 assists a game and has already notched one of the top moments in this young basketball season with his clutch game-tying three pointer against Missouri.

I am sure all of the 66 point guards are great people, and it would be unfair to pick any one player as not deserving of the honor.  But I am not a fair person by any means and one nomination in particular caught my eye as Georgetown recently played against his team.  When Georgetown faced Missouri on November 30, Chris Wright played 39 of 45 total minutes, had 21 points, 10 assists and went a perfect 9 for 9 from the free throw line.  Bob Cousy Award Nominee and Missouri point guard Phil Pressey played one minute and took one shot.  Missouri blog RockMNation said it was because Pressey was not ready to help on the defensive end; I guess the nomination committee saw something in that performance everyone else didn't.  There are plenty more nominations to harp on, have your pick: Bob Cousy Award Nominees.

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I am obviously a bitter, pathetic blogger whining about an idiotic and meaningless award.  I have handled news of this blatant slap-in-the-face with my characteristic immaturity and crass.  Chris Wright, however, did exactly what is expected of a senior leader and top player in the country:



Well played, Chris.