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Casual Communications: We're Back Baby

Yes.  You read it correctly.  It is back.  Casual Communications, your favorite feature on the internet, has made a triumphant return.  Since it has been gone, a lot has happened.  Hank Sims contributes, WikiLeaks has taken over the world, and the winter is upon us.  As always, please do send questions along to  If you don't have a question and just want to tell me to have sex with myself, that's much appreciated as well.

And away we go!

Why is this feature back when it was clear you idiot bloggers were making up your own questions and answering them? 

Because it is a slow Thursday and we had nothing else for content.  Is that good enough for you?

Friday Night Lights was snubbed for a Golden Globe for best TV Series.  Can you think of even two shows that are better? 

Mad Men is the only show that I can think of that rivals Friday Night Lights.  Granted, I'm the same guy that was given The Wire complete box set for Christmas last year and have plowed through all of one episode, so take everything I say with numerous grains of salt.  That said, if you haven't watched Friday Night Lights, you are a Communist. 

After Le Jump all your questions will be answered.

Do you enjoy living in America and the freedoms that our democratic way of life provides?  I ask simply because it seems that the will of the people have spoken and that The Hoya Trinity would be used as a nickname for Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, and Jason Clark, but for some reason you still refer to them as Run DMV.  What gives? 

I enjoy living in America, don't get me wrong.  But I also have named myself the President of Casual Hoya, and as President of this blog, I have some executive powers.  One of these powers is deciding when something is too important to let the masses control, similar to how the POTUS can declare war (sort of).  Anyways, Run DMV is a much, much better nickname than the Hoya Trinity, and the overwhelming whiteness and lack of street credibility of this blog took over the vote.  I am a man that believes in Wale over a bunch of double-stuf Oreo eaters.  I will continue to call Clark, Wright and Freeman Run DMV because Hoya Trinity is a lame nickname and everyone hates it.

What did you have for lunch today and did you document it?


From what you have seen thus far of Georgetown's big men, how far can the Hoyas legitimately go in March with a rotation of Julian Vaughn, Henry Sims, and Nate Lubick?

If this were last year I'd say not very far.  But this year, oh this year, this year is different.  The lack of quality big men in college basketball is astounding.  Jared Sullinger is the only legitimate Top 5 quality big man in the country.  Granted, some doofus GM will talk himself into one of The Brothers Plumlee, but the fact remains that this year, there are very few high quality bigs. 

When there is such a dearth in high quality big men, you look to guards to win games.  Because of Kyrie Irving's injury, I believe Georgetown has the best backcourt in the country.  Our bigs just need to be serviceable rebounders, foulers, and dunkers for us to win games.  So far, they have done that, and we are 9-1 against the toughest schedule in the country.  So yes, I have faith that the Hoyas can go to the Sweet 16 and beyond this year.

This year's "Celebrity Rehab" is shaping up to really do some nice things and over its history, the show has showcased two of the worst people in history: David Weintraub and Kari Anne Peniche. What's your hierarchy for best 3 reality shows of all time? Worst?

I have never watched Celebrity Rehab.  Top three reality shows are Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Hard Knocks, and Jersey Shore.  Worst one I have ever seen was TO's on VH1.  Man, that was awful.  The RW/RR Challenge is always awesome because there is so much fighting, sex and steroids.  That show captivates me, year after year.  Hard Knocks is awesome, but too short.  Jersey Shore was great the first season, but was pretty unwatchable in Season 2.

I recently updated my Droid X to install the new Android 2.3 software which includes a free Madden 2011.  Are you still using a Blackberry and if so, do you feel inadequate on a daily basis?

I am still using a Blackberry because my company will only pay for that.  And yes, I feel inadequate when my browser barely works and other people (namely you) consistently mock me.  I would like to move towards the iPhone or Droid, but for now, the Blackberry does the trick.  I am a simple man.

I currently play the Jets DST on a weekly basis but heading into the playoffs I'm highly skeptical of using them at Pittsburgh this week since I can picture Big Ben and Mendenhall gashing them all afternoon.  Does it make sense to drop the Jets DST and use the Raiders DST at home against the Broncos?  Bears DST at Vikings on Monday Night Football?

I am not a believer in using one defense throughout a year.  I play matchups.  I would get the Bears in a heartbeat because Patrick Ramsey is starting for the Vikings at QB.  Avoid the Raiders against Broncos because even though the Broncos are in a slump, they were pretty prolific earlier in the season and playoff fantasy football is no time to mess around.  Anyone playing the Vikings will stack 8 guys in the box and limit Adrian Peterson, just like the Giants did on Monday night.  The Vikings ended up scoring three points.  Get the Bears, even better because the game is outdoors.

What is your favorite piece of Georgetown memorabilia and/or clothing item and when, if ever, do you wear it?

My favorite pieces of Georgetown clothing are my WAG shirts.  They remind me of simple Saturdays, times when I could get completely blacked out during the afternoon, watch some high quality basketball, and rally to go out at night.  In other news, I am a sweet bro.  But seriously, those are my favorite pieces of Georgetown swag because they remind me of so many good times - seeing the Hoyas beat UNC to go to the Final Four, Jeff Green's shot against Vanderbilt, the win over Pitt to win the Big East regular season, Roy's 3 against UConn, etc etc.

Window or aisle?

Aisle, I have a weak bladder and pee a lot.  It's that simple for me.  Also, any time I have a window seat, I spend my time freaking out that the pilot doesn't know what he's doing and that we're going to crash.  I do this every single time I see some clouds.  It's not fun.

Well this has been a jolly good time.  Let's do this again soon.